February 28, 2021

Automatic Metal Detector for Plastic Machine

Model NO.: BH-20
Certificate: SGS, Ce
Weight: About 40kg
Warranty Period: 12 Months
Automation: Automatic
Trademark: HADRDEGA
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Specification: BH-20----BH-70
Origin: China
HS Code: 9022199090

Metal detector splitter

 Metal Separator


Metal separator is used for the detection of industrial products of iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and all other metal impurities, such as in the food, plastics, pharmaceutical products production process,it's easy to mix metal impurities, not only affect the quality of products, also do a lot of harm to consumers.

During the plastic molding process, thin metals inside the raw materials always present invisible hidden hazards to our molding equipment, for example, screws of molding machines are abnormally worn and torn and nozzles are blocked, etc. Most of those hazards are caused by metals existing in the raw materials. HADRDEGA also has perfect solution for hazards of that field

 Technical parameters:
(processing capacity)
Detection accuracy
BH-20 20mm 100L/hr Fe:0.2mm SUS:0.5mm Cu/Al: 0.35mm
BH-30 30mm 400L/hr Fe:0.3mm SUS:0.7mm Cu/Al:0.45mm
BH-40 40mm 1000L/hr Fe:0.4mm SUS:0.75mm  Cu/Al:0.5mm
BH-46 46mm 2000L/hr Fe:0.5mm SUS:0.8mm  Cu/Al:0.55mm
BH-50 70mm 5000L/hr Fe:0.8mm SUS:1.4mm  Cu/Al:0.85mm
BH-60 100mm 12000L/hr Fe:1.2mm SUS:2.0mm  Cu/Al:1.35mm
BH-70 150mm 30000L/hr Fe:1.8mm SUS:2.2mm  Cu/Al:2.1mm


Main Feature:
(1) The rapid separation of various metals in plastic materials, including "ferrous" and "non ferrous"
(2) High sensitivity, small metal particles such as 0.4mm, which can be adjusted according to the actual production
(3) Full automatic operation, saving manpower
(4)Each package of plastic processing time is about 4 minutes

What can we bring for you?
Reduce damaging risks of metals existing in the raw materials to screws of the molding equipment and decrease the maintenance costs;
Avoid production halts which are caused by blockage of nozzles of the moldings machine;
Improve quality of the products and the production efficiency

Equipment installation
Can be installed on the charging basket;
Can be installed on the molding machine;
Can be installed inside the pipeline.

Automatic Metal Detector for Plastic Machine

Automatic Metal Detector for Plastic Machine
Automatic Metal Detector for Plastic Machine

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