February 28, 2021

Computerized Non-Shuttle (chain stitch) Multi-Needle Quilting Machine for Mattress

Model NO.: YXN-94-4C
HS Code: 8447
Parameter: (mm)
Weight: 4500kg; Quitling width: 2.45m; Needle space: 25.4; Quilting thickness: 80; Stitch: 2-6; Rolling speed: 600-900r/min; X-axis: 410; Output: 10-180m/h

1. Adopt the advanced process design.
2. Needle bar and pressing block take the double rocker avoid the materials be soiled by lube.
3. High rigidity machine body, perfect protecting equipment and steady-going control system.
4. X\Y motors are driven by servo system, and principal axis takes frequency ports system.
5. Test the working state of all sensors and computer in real time.
6. Auto-stop system when the bottom or upper thread broke by infrared. Auto lift needle and adjust the speed by computer.
7. Auto faults tips for servo motor system and transducer, which is convenient to eliminate problems.
8.360° Quilting and limitless multi-span and independent quilting.
Steady running, high speed, low noise, very thick material with precise quilting.
Ringing notice when start machine.

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