April 23, 2019

Heavy Duty Top and Bottom Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine (OD0302)

  • Model NO.: OD0302
  • Specification: Packing Size: 660x260x480 Mm Weight: 32/34 Kgs
  • HS Code: 8452290000
  • Type: Garment
  • Origin: China
High-Speed Heavy Duty Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine


Large Quantity with competitve price

It is a flat-bed machine. It adopts link take-up and rotating hook to form stitch 301. It can sew very heavy material with neat and beautiful stitches, low noise, easy maintance and minimum difference in stitch length between forward and reverse feed with top and bottom system and foot alteratibf lift.

This machine is used to deliver the cloth tooth feeding, and died to the inflation class seam material moves the natural bigger center thick material, can cause the lower level in the tailoring process to deliver the cloth quantity to achieve consistently; Use the big rotating hook reducing the times of changing bottom line, enhanced the working efficiency; The entire self-lubrication installment, lengthens the machine servece life.