April 23, 2019

Marine Ballasting Pump (Twin Screw Type)

Model NO.: 2HM800-60
Casting Material: Cast Iron
Screw Material: Stainless Steel
Shaft Material: Stainless Steel
Discharge Pressure: 0-15bar
Revolution: 950/1450rpm
Inlet: 80-400mm
Outlet: 80-400mm
Weight: 50-2000 Kg
Rate: 11-500kw
Color: Random
Trademark: SOLID
Transport Package: Carton
Specification: 50m3/h-1000m3/h
Origin: China
HS Code: 8413104090
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1. Brief introduction of TMarine Ballasting Pump(Twin Screw Pump Type)
   This lMarine Ballasting Pump(Twin Screw Pump Type) is a twin screw type pump,it is driven by the shaft meshed with the spiral sleeve and the pump body or form a sealed cavity lining flat volume constant, with the rotation of the screw axis of the medium were sent to the pump body, the two together, eventually serving the outlet of the pump, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying pump. Double screw pump has two types of sealing and non sealing, according to the media from one end or from both ends into the meshing space, the double screw is divided into two suction and single suction structure of two. Twin screw pump, screw pump meshing, which uses mutual engagement, do not touch the two screws for pumping liquid. Twin screw pump is a double suction non hermetic twin screw pump. One end of the active screw outside the pump is driven by the prime mover. The driving screw and the driven screw have different rotating threads. Screw and pump body close together. The driven screw is driven by an active screw through a synchronous gear.

2. Structural characteristics of Marine Ballasting Pump(Twin Screw Pump Type)
     Marine Ballasting Pump (Twin Screw Type)

    1, The inlet-outlet civility adopts special design to make sure that enough medium is remained in the pump. Even when the medium in the suction pipe is all discharged, the pump still has very good self-suction performance. 

2, The pump body adopts special-structure circular valve, which will open when the outlet pressure is higher than the working pressure. Then, some medium will back to the inlet of pump or saving can through this circular valve. Meanwhile, the pump can starts under full pressure situation thus greatly reduce the torque. 

3, Use synchronizer gear to transfer toque from initiative screw to idler screw, which ensures no metal contact and power transmission between transferring elements. So the transferring elements have high reliability for any medium and the pump can free from damage of dry rotation in a short time. 

4, When the pump is working, the meshing screws form a sealed civility in the pump body, following the rotary motion of the screws, the liquid in the sealed civility does axial motion with the sealed civility and transferred to the outlet of pump steadily and continuously. Because the capacity of the sealed civility never changes in the working pump, there will be no pulsation when the pump deliveries liquid. 

3. The Application of Marine Ballasting Pump(Twin Screw Pump Type)
    1, oil field: used as the multiphase transportation pump for medium mixed with oil, gas, water and small solid particles.

     2, shipbuilding industry: used for ship loading pump, bilge stripping and sewage treatment, main engine lubrication pump, fuel oil pump.
    3, the petrochemical industry: used as loading and transportation pumps for various resins, pigments, paraffin, paint, ink, latex, various kinds of oil, crude oil, heavy oil and other.
 4, thermal power plant: used as heavy oil, crude oil delivery pump, main engine lubricating oil pump.

4. Production Line:
Models Performance Range
2WSeries: 2HM Series Capacity Discharge Pressure Inlet/outlet Diameter
2W2-12,2W2-18,2W2-24,2W2-36,2W2-48 2HM280-20,2HM280-28,2HM280-40,2HM280-56 7m3/h-20m3/h 0-15Bar 80mm
2W3-20,2W3-28,2W3-40,2W3-56 2HM560-25,2HM560-34,2HM560-50,2HM560-72 15m3/h-45m3/h 0-15Bar 100mm
2W4-25,2W4-34,2W4-50,2W4-72 2HM800-30,2HM800-40,2HM800-60,2HM800-80 28m3/h-77m3/h 0-15Bar 125mm
2W5-30,2W5-40,2W5-60,2W5-80 2HM1400-38,2HM1400-50,2HM1400-75,2HM1400-96 53m3/h-130m3/h 0-15Bar 150mm
2W6-38,2W6-50,2W6-75,2W6-96 2HM2500-43,2HM2500-56,2HM2500-85,2HM2500-112 85m3/h-220m3/h 0-15Bar 200mm
2W7-43,2W7-56,2W7-85,2W7-112 2HM4200-50,2HM4200-67,2HM4200-100,2HM4200-128 150m3/h-400m3/h 0-15Bar 250mm
2W8-50,2W8-67,2W8-100,2W8-128 2HM7000-80,2HM7000-100,2HM7000-128,2HM7000-150, 2HM7000-160 350m3/h-720m3/h 0-15Bar 300mm
2W9-80,2W9-100,2W9-128,2W9-150 2HM9800-80,2HM9800-100,2HM9800-128,2HM9800-150,2HM9800-160 500m3/h-1200m3/h 0-15Bar 400mm
2W11-128,2W11-160,2W11-176,2W11-192,2W11-250 2HM18000-176,2HM18000-192,2HM18000-250 1200m3/h-2000m3/h 0-15Bar 500mm

5. About our Products:
Marine Ballasting Pump (Twin Screw Type)