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Off-road vehicle rushed into business hall in the morning and caused a man to be injured

Off-road vehicle rushed into the business hall in the morning to a man injured diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2010-08-04

In the early morning of August 3, Xiao Wang, who was working at a shop on the south side of Shuitun Road, suddenly received a "phone call from the store." At the end of the phone, the other party claimed to be the police station. "You hurry to come and have a car hit you shop."
Xiao Wang works in a communications office in the south of Shuitun Road. This business hall is located on the north side of the first floor of a roadside building.
At 6 o'clock on August 2, Xiao Wang came home from work as usual. Who wants the phone to ring at 1:30 in the morning on the 3rd, and Wang is awakened.
Looking at the number is the phone in the business office. Xiao Wang thought, "Is it a thief?"
After picking up the phone, Xiao Wang quickly called his boss, Mr. Qiao, and he was nervous enough to stay awake overnight.
At 2 o'clock in the morning, Mr. Qiao rushed to his business hall and parked two police cars. The flashing police lights were particularly plucked on a dark night.
On the north wall of the business hall, a large hole about a meter in diameter is startling.
To the north of the cave, a distorted license plate, broken bumper, car parts, and a bright red blood stream are scattered on the ground.
In the south of the cave, the ground floor of the business hall was covered with thick rubble. The broken glass, the damaged phone, and the computer fell to the ground. Even the long table at the base of the northern wall was hit by the middle of the house.
A policeman left behind at the scene told Mr. Qiao that a cross-country vehicle crashed into his shop and the traffic police had already tested the driver's blood. “It is said that the driver reported the name on the scene and the traffic police checked it. All of them were false. of".
On the fifth floor of the street building where the business hall is located, there is a householder who described the situation to Mr. Qiao: At 1 o'clock in the morning on August 3, he was awakened by loud noise. He came out and saw an off-road vehicle heading into the north wall. Four or five people drilled from the inside of the car. One of them came out from the driver's position and was full of blood.
Not only that, a man was still lying on the road, bleeding from his right ankle.
The man who was wounded was named Yang Bo. He was in his twenties and was a cook at a fast food restaurant distribution center for more than three years. He was walking.
"When it happened at 1:55, I dialed 110 at 1:10." When Yang Bo passed from north to south, the cross-country vehicle suddenly turned right, knocked him down, and headed to the wall again.
After the driver got off the bus, he asked, "Where is it?"
“Injury is an ankle.” Yang Bo feels that the driver’s face is red and seems to have a taste of alcohol.
Speaking of the reasons, the driver of the driver was also "unclear" and "he was dark, he was a bit confused."
At present, the police are investigating the cause of the accident.
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