July 11, 2020

Talking about the Application of Panoramic Camera in the Field of Video Surveillance in Pingan City

one. Foreword

The state will build a harmonious society, promote economic development, and improve people's lives. Since the "3111" pilot project for the construction of the city surveillance and alarm network system in the country started in October 2005, most of the major cities in the country have now completed the construction of the system and are gradually improving. In order to give full play to the key role of the social security monitoring system in the public security prevention and control system, and further expand the application scope of the social security monitoring system in the city monitoring and alarm network, it is necessary to introduce more advanced measures in the construction of the social security monitoring system. , More practical modern security technology.

two. The definition and imaging principle of panoramic camera

2.1 Definition of panoramic camera The panoramic camera we define is a camera with panoramic gaze ability. Panorama refers to that the field of view in one direction corresponds to or exceeds 180°. Gaze means that the camera is staring at the target space without turning. PTZ camera).

(Original Video Data - Stare) (DPTZ Expanding Effect)

2.2 Imaging Principles of Panoramic Cameras Due to the influence of depth of field curvature, the image captured by a panoramic camera is very distorted and does not conform to the normal visual experience. Therefore, image correction techniques are required to correct the distorted image. Image correction technology usually pulls out a single fan shape from the original pie chart, and then carries out certain deformation and correction processing according to the principle of proportionality and the like, and combines these separately processed fan-shaped images to obtain images meeting the monitoring requirements. For products with low demand, a simple four-corner stretching can be performed directly on the pie, and an image suitable for viewing by the human eye can also be obtained.

three. The types and advantages and disadvantages of panoramic cameras

The panoramic camera can be divided into two kinds of single lens panoramic camera and multi-lens panoramic camera according to the number of lenses. According to the imaging mode, it can be divided into fisheye panoramic camera and catadioptric panoramic camera.

{C}l{C} single-lens panoramic camera: The use of gun-type camera or UFO camera plus fisheye lens form, which is also the most simple and most economical way to achieve panoramic monitoring, the key point of this approach is The camera itself has the ability to correct for "distortion" of the fisheye, or it can be combined with special processing software to correct the image after it has been deformed by the fisheye lens. However, the pixel in the imaging frame has the highest vertical pixel and the lowest edge.

{C}l{C} Multi-lens panoramic camera: Using multi-lens and multi-angle monitoring to realize 360-degree monitoring of stitched images. This method realizes complex technology and high cost, but it has less of a fisheye panoramic camera. Fish eye distortion problems. But the pressure on transmission and storage is huge. It is easy to form yin and yang on the imaging screen.

{C}l{C}Refraction refractor panoramic camera: this type of panoramic camera is the use of light refraction principle to complete video capture through a single lens, the imaging picture pixels are evenly distributed, it is easier to achieve in the mechanism in the horizontal direction based on the formation of the upward pitch angle The regulatory area is larger than that of non-reflective panoramic cameras.

four. The significance of panoramic camera applications
4.1 The Dilemma of Existing Video Surveillance With the advancement of science and technology and the gradual advancement of the safe city supervision system, the number of video surveillance points in major cities has reached a certain order of magnitude. However, we still feel that the number of video surveillance points is insufficient for our management departments, and there are still blind spots and dead ends in the existing distribution sites. However, it is impossible and unscientific to blindly increase the number of monitoring points according to the original situation, but at the same time, it puts tremendous pressure on the storage of the transmission link and the backend video data, and the maintenance cost in the later period also increases. Will rise sharply.

4.2 Coping strategies and solutions Since we understand the flaws in existing video surveillance systems, we can solve this dilemma by fine-tuning the front-end cameras. For example, we can deploy at relatively open sites such as major road intersections, public plazas, and station waiting areas in some cities based on the characteristics of no dead angle and blind spots of the panoramic camera, so that our back office supervisors can not only get an overall sense of presence. At the same time, through the linkage between the panoramic camera and the standard camera, the detail view of the target of interest can be achieved, thus enabling our regulatory system to enter a new era of smart supervision.

Fives. to sum up

The panoramic camera is used to supervise an area. This feature is also the basis of the panoramic camera. At the same time, the distortion correction algorithm for the DPTZ of the panoramic camera and the video according to the monitoring habits should play a role in the application of the panoramic camera.

For the application of the panoramic camera, we believe that it is not easy to pursue the pixels of the camera. It is not easy to achieve a full real-time encoding and decoding of 3 million pixels in accordance with the current technological capabilities. Raising the pixels up again can only sacrifice the real-time nature of the video. Therefore, we believe that the use of panoramic camera + standard camera to achieve organic linkage is a new video application for the safe city monitoring system.

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