June 17, 2019

Yuchai wins the Top 100 Enterprises in the World for Driving Low Carbon Environment in China

Recently, Yuchai Group won the "Green World Top 100 Enterprises in Low Carbon Environment" green award.

Yuchai won the Green Award for the Top 100 Low Carbon Companies

The third session of the World Environment Protection Conference was opened in Beijing recently. At the top of the world’s low-carbon environment in China, the Yuchai Group won the “Green World Top 100 Enterprises in Low Carbon Environment” Green Award. This honor is jointly sponsored by the International Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Association, the World Wind Energy Association, the China Urban Economic Association, the China Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association, and other institutions.

The purpose of the selection is to guide the community to promote the construction of a low-carbon environment in the world. Yuchai Group adheres to the core concept of “Green Development, Harmony, and Win-Win”. Starting from the goal of protecting the ecology and building a healthy industrial chain, Yuchai Group adheres to the road of green industry development and is committed to providing cost-effective green power and green machines as the largest event in China. Pollution source controllers and China's green power leaders stood out from more than 400 candidate companies and were selected as top 100 companies.