April 24, 2019

7.50-20 Agricultural Tyres High Quality Tyre Black Color with Ce Agricola Trattore Pneumatico

Model NO.: 7.50-20
Tread Pattern: All
Brand: L-Guard
Main Market: World
Colour: Black
Condition: New
Trademark: l-guard
Transport Package: nude packing
Specification: all size you need
Origin: china
HS Code: 4011610090
Agricultural Tyre
I-1: 760L-15-8PR, 760L-15-8PR, 9.5L-14-8PR, 9.5L-14-8PR, 9.5L-15-8PR, 9.5L-15-8PR, 11L-14-8PR , 11L-14-8PR, 11L-15-8PR, 11L-15-8PR, 11L-15-12PR, 11L-15-12PR, 11L-16-8PR,11L-16-8PR,12.5L-15-12PR,12.5L-15-12PR.
R-1(only tire),400-8-4PR,400-10-4PR,400-12-4PR,500-12-6PR,500-15-6PR,600-12-6PR,600-14-6PR,,600-16-8PR,650-16-8PR,750-16-8PR,750-20-8PR,830-20-6PR,830-24-6PR,950-20-8PR
,950-24-6PR,950-32-8PR,11.2-20-8PR,11.2-24-6PR,11.2-28-6PR ,11.2-38-8PR ,12.4-24-8PR,12.4-28-8PR ,13.6-24-8PR,13.6-28-8PR,14.9-24-8PR,14.9-26-8PR,14.9-28-8PR,14.9-30-10PR ,15.0-24-10PR,15.5-38-10PR,16.9-28-8PR ,16.9-30-10PR ,16.9-34-10PR ,18.4-30-10PR ,18.4-34-10PR ,18.4-38-10PR ,20.8-38-10PR ,20.8-42-14PR ,12.4-54-14PR,11.2-24-8PR(Irrigation),11.2-24-8PR(Irrigation),11.2-28-8PR(Irrigation),11.2-38-8PR(Irrigation),14.9-24-8PR(irrigation),
F-2(only tire): 400-12-4PR,400-12-4PR,400-19-4PR,400-19-4PR,500-15-4PR,500-15-4PR,550-16-8PR,550-16-8PR,600-16-8PR,600-16-8PR,650-16-8PR,650-16-8PR,7.5L-15-8PR,7.5L-15-8PR,750-16-8PR,750-16-10PR,750-18-8PR,750-18-8PR,750-20-8PR,750-20-8PR,9.5L-15-8PR,11L-15-8PR,1000-16-10,1000-16-10,1000-16-10,1000-16-10,1100-16-10,1100-16-10,14L-16.1-10
F-600: 10.0/80-12-8PR; 10.0/80-12-10PR; 10.5/80-12-10PR; 12.5/80-18-12PR; 10.0/75-15.3-8PR; 10.0/75-15.3-10PR;10.0/75-15.3-12PR;11.5/80-15.3-10PR;11.5/80-15.3-12PR;11.5/80-15.3-14PR; 12.5/80-15.3-14PR; 13.0/65-18-16PR
M-600: 10.0/75-15.3-8PR;10.0/75-15.3-10PR;11.5/80-15.3-12PR;11.5/80-15.3-14PR
I-3:  10.5/80-18-10PR;10.5/80-18-12PR;12.5/80-18-12PR;12.5/80-18-14PR
R-4: 16.9-24-10PR;16.9-28-12PR;17.5L-24-12PR;19.5L-24-12PR;21L-24-12PR;18.4-26-12PR
F-3: 11L-16-12PR;11L-15-10PR
R-3/R-1: 23.1-26-12PR
Type:  Auto Parts & Accessories»Tire»Agricultural Tires
Structural design:  Bias Belted Tyre
Certification:  DOT, ISO, ECE
Color: Black
Material: Rubber 
Ply rating and pattern : 8PR,10pr,12PR,14PR,16PRWith common pattern
Characteristics: TT/  TL   agricultural tires, farm use tires, irrigation tires
1.Unique formula design,professional technology
2.Unique air barrier formula and tire bead design improves the traction and braking performance,protect the tire body from puncture
3.Low rolling resistance, good wear resistance and cut resistance performance,reduces the damage possibility
4.reduced heat-producing ,enhanced the service durability,super heat dispersion
5.Better shock-absorbing capacity,more comfort
6.Low noise, environmentally friendly
7.Good air maintenance
8.good drive power and hold power ,good self-cleaning capacity.
Trade terms 
Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland) 
Brand Name: L-GUARD 
Aim market: North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe
Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland) 
Brand Name: L-GUARD 
MOQ: one 20FT container
About us 
L-Guard tires corp is a well-established rubber-product enterprise, combining the most advanced design, processing technology and complete quality guarantee system. We have already formed L-GUARD  tyres series as follows: 
1. Standard  and Cushion solid tyre, linde forklift tires , Non-marking solid tyre 
2.industrial tires 
3.skidsteer tires 
4.off the road /OTR tires
5.Agriculture tires 
7.Rubber tracks.
8.tires press machine, tires changer
Advantage of our factory: 
1, 20-days delivery, Guaranteed 
2, Response with 12 hours 
3, 12 years manufacturer experience 
4, 8 year ALIBABA international approvals 
5, Low Prices and Hight quality 
6, Best OEM, ODM, OBM Service in the world 
7, Our Products will make you Smile 
8, We Promise Whatever You need
7.50-20 Agricultural Tyres High Quality Tyre Black Color with Ce Agricola Trattore Pneumatico