April 23, 2019

Kanzo China Metal Tube Pipe Cutting Saw Blade

Model NO.: saw blade
Type: HSS Saw Blade
Teeth: Designable
Material: HSS, Alloy Steel
Other Coating: Tin,Ticn,Tialn
Quality Gurantee: Get Replacement
Bore: All
Packaging: Cartons
ODM: Available
OEM: Available
Stock: Some Available
Production Time: 10-20days
Trademark: OEM
Transport Package: Stanadars Cartons/Wood Cartons
Specification: dia from 15-550mm
Origin: China Zhejiang
HS Code: 82023100
Metal Tube Pipe Cutting HSS Circular Saw Blade

Saw blade
 metal hot-cutting circular hss circular saw blade, metal cold-cutting circular hss circular saw blade , TCT circular hss circular saw blade , HSS segmental circular hss circular saw blade , and diamond circular saw blank .

Diameter mm Bore
1.5" 40 5/8" to 2"
8" 200 5/8" to 2"
10" 250 5/8" to 2"
12" 300 5/8" to 2"
14" 350 5/8" to 2"
15" 400 5/8" to 2"
19" 500 5/8" to 2"

Kanzo China Metal Tube Pipe Cutting Saw Blade

Kanzo China Metal Tube Pipe Cutting Saw Blade
Kanzo China Metal Tube Pipe Cutting Saw Blade

The different kinds of tooth forms are used according to different requirements of cutting.

 How to choose the right tooth form?
 1.Tooth form "A" and "AW"

For thin Metal Slitting Saw Blades with a tooth pitch up to approx. 3.0mm Advisable for brass, tooth form "A" is
suitable for slotting materials. All teeth of tooth form "AW" are bevelled alternatively.

 2.Tooth form "B" and "BW"
Suitable for cutting tubes and profiles made of steel or non-ferrous metals. Tooth form "B" is specialized for cutting very thin walled popes and profiles. All teeth of tooth form "BW" are bevelled alternatively.
3.Tooth form HZ
This tooth is also known as form "HZ". Teeth are ground according to the roughing and finishing tooth system. A tooth pair is consisting of one roughing tooth(1/3 cutting width) and one finishing tooth(2x1/3 cutting width). According to the triple chip geometry the roughing tooth is approx.0.2-0.3mm higher compared with the finishing tooth. Tooth form "HZ" is suitable for cutting solid materials.
4.Tooth Form BR
Tooth form BR is a parrot tooth with chip breaker.This tooth form is sutiable for cutting pipes under high performance conditions because the teeth are side cutting.

HSS/ HSS-E DMo5 circular saw blade  M2 M35 DIN 1.3343 DIN 1.3243
Dia*thickness Hole:From 5mm-32mm-40mm-50mm etc  
20x0.2-3 25x0.2-6 32x0.2-6
40x0.2-0.8 75x6.5-7 125x0.8-1.2
40x1-1.5 75x7.5-8.5 125x1.5
40x2 80x0.5-0.8 125x2
40x2.5-3 80x1-1.2 125x2.5-3
40x3.5-4 80x1.5 125x3.5-4
40x4.5-5 80x2 125x5
50x0.5-0.8 80x2.5-3 125x5.5-6
50x1-1.5 80x3.5-4 150x1-1.2
50x2 80x4.5-5 150x1.5
60x0.3-0.4 80x5.5-6 150x2
60x0.5-0.8 80x6.5-7 150x2.5-3
60x1-1.2 80x8 150x3.5-4
60x1.5 100x0.5-0.8 150x4.5-5
60x2 100x1-1.2 150x5.5-6
60x2.5-3 100x1.5 150x6.5-7
60x3.5-4 100x2 150x7.5-8.5
60x4.5-5 100x2.5-3 160x1-1.2
63x0.5-0.8 100x3.5-4 160x1.5
63x1-1.2 100x4.5-5 160x2
63x1.5 100x5.5-6 160x2.5-3
63x2 100x7 160x3.5-4
63x3 100x8 160x4.5-5
75x0.5 110x0.8-1.2 160x5.5-6
75x0.6-0.8 110x1.5 200x1.5
75x1-1.2 110x2 200x2
75x1.5 110x2.5-3 200x2.5-3
75x2 110x3.5-4 200x3.5-4
75x2.5-3 110x4.5-5 200x4.5-5
75x3.5-4 110x5.5-6 200x5.5-6
75x4.5-5 110x7 200x6.5-7
75x5.5-6 110x8 200x7.5-8.5
225x2 250*1.0-2.5 275x1.0-2.5
300x1.2-3.0 315x2.0-3.0 325x2.0-2.5
350x2.0-3.0 370x2.5 400x2.0-3.0
425x3.0 450x3.0 500x3.0-4.0
T.C.T circular saw blade for Aluminum Brass etc    
Dia* thickness*hole   Teeth No.BW/BS
250x4.0/5.0/6.0/7.0/8.0x25.4   40/60/80/100/120
255x3.2/2.8/2.0x25.4   60/80/100/120
300x3.0/2.8x25.4 60/80/100/120
305x3.0/2.8x25.4 60/80/100/120
355x3.5/3.2x25.4 60/80/100/120
405x3.8/3.2x25.4 60/80/100/120
455x4.2/4.0x25.4/30   60/80/100/120
500x4.4/4.0x25.4/30   60/80/100/120
510x4.4/4.0x30/40/50   60/80/100/120/144
550x4.4/4.0x32/40/50/80   60/80/100/120/144
560x5.0x32/40/50/80   48/100/120
600x5.0/4.0x32/40/50/80   50/60/80/100/120
650x5.0/4.0x32/40/50/80   60/80/100/120
700x6.0/5.0x32/40/50/80   60/80/100/120
710x6.0/5.0x50/60/80/100   60/80/100/120
750x7.0/6.5x50/60/80/100   60/80/100/120
800x7.0/6.5x50/60/80/100   60/80/100/120
850x8.0/7.5x50/60/80/100   60/80/100/120
900x8.0/7.5x50/60/80/100   60/80/100/120
910x8.0/7.5x50/60/80/100   60/80/100/120
1000x10.0/8.0x50/60/80/100   60/80/100/120
1050x10.0x50/60/80/100   60/80/100/120
1100x10.0/9.0x80/100/120150   60/80/100/120
1200x10.0/9.0x80/100/120/150   60/80/100/120
1250x10.0x80/100/120/150   60/80/100/120
1430x10.0x80/100/120/150   120/150
1450x10.0x80/100/120/150   120/150
1750x11.0x80/100/120/150   150
circular saw blade for cold cutting    
160x1.8x40 48T
200x2.0x40 54T
230x2.0x40 60T
250x2.0x32 54/60/72/120
285x2.0x32 60/72/80
315x2.25x32 60/72/80/100/120/140
360x2.6x40 60/80/100/120/130/140
425x2.5x50 80T
425x2.7x50 80/100
460x2.7x50 60/80/100

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Kanzo China Metal Tube Pipe Cutting Saw Blade
Kanzo China Metal Tube Pipe Cutting Saw Blade

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