January 21, 2022

How to quickly detect and maintain video surveillance systems and troubleshooting

How to quickly detect and maintain video surveillance equipment to reduce maintenance costs? I believe this is a problem that many engineering companies have been trying to solve.

The maintenance of the video surveillance system generally refers to the monitoring equipment, such as the front-end surveillance camera, the back-end server and the transmission route to detect and maintain, in order to ensure the stability of the surveillance system. Due to the large number of video surveillance system devices, especially front-end surveillance cameras, there are many deployment points, which requires a lot of manpower and time, which increases maintenance costs.

Video monitoring system back-end equipment such as matrix, hard disk video recorders, video walls, etc., are generally installed in the monitoring center room, which facilitates our management, because we can control the environment of the computer room, the back-end equipment appears few failures, Therefore, we mainly discuss the maintenance of the equipment front-end and transmission line here.

First, the maintenance of surveillance cameras

Many surveillance cameras need to be installed outdoors. The environment is more complicated. In addition to the harsh environment of wind and rain, it also needs to be destroyed by human factors. Therefore, more failures occur.

When the general surveillance camera has a problem, the most direct manifestation is that the monitoring center cannot receive the image.

When the monitoring center monitor fails to receive images, we must first monitor the surveillance camera to see if it is normal. The following three aspects were tested with a video monitoring comprehensive tester.

1. Detect whether the camera has images or not. The instrument display can clearly show the images. It means there is no problem with the cameras. If the images are not received or the images are not clear, the camera has a problem.

2. Video signal attenuation detection, through the monitor integrated tester to detect the camera's video composite level, 800-1000mV range is normal, the level of the level will cause abnormal images, the level is too low the image will be dark, too high image will have Virtual image. &

3. Test the camera voltage supply, use a multimeter to detect, the general output DC current is 12V, the output of the smart ball Transformer is AC 24V. Here we explain that in the video surveillance system, the transformer can be said to be the highest failure rate of accessories, many of which are caused by transformer burnout.

Second, the maintenance of the PTZ

PTZ is used to control and adjust the angle of the surveillance camera. When the PTZ card owner is not controlled, it will affect our monitoring. We can use the multi-function keyboard to detect whether the pan/tilt or smart dome is rotating properly.

At this time, we recommend that you use a video monitoring integrated tester instead of a multi-function keyboard for detection. Since different manufacturers use different protocols for the PTZ or smart ball, they need a dedicated multi-function keyboard to detect when facing different manufacturers' clouds. In Taiwan, it may be necessary to prepare multiple multi-function keyboards, which will inconvenience detection. The video monitoring integrated tester can solve this problem very well, because there are more than 30 kinds of protocols pre-installed, such as Pelco-D/P, BOSCH, etc., to deal with different manufacturers.

Third, the maintenance of BNC coaxial cable

Although the video surveillance industry is now in the Internet era, traditional analog images still occupy a very large part. Due to the low cost of analog video surveillance, some requirements are not high, such as residential and small companies are still using this video system. ""

Analog video systems use BNC coaxial cables for transmission. BNC coaxial cables are prone to aging and can cause image quality to degrade. Therefore, when images are not clear or received, we need to check whether the BNC coaxial cable has a problem.

Use a comprehensive video tester for testing. 1. Connect the cable that connects the camera to the meter. Use the meter to send the standard color bar to detect that the cable is disconnected. The monitoring center received the image and said normal, otherwise it was disconnected. 2. In the monitoring center to detect video composite level values, the normal range is 800-1000mV, too small will appear the phenomenon of image dithering jitter. 3. Through the sideline function of the instrument can quickly detect the location of the cable breakpoint, providing work efficiency.

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