November 30, 2021

New Model Automatic Paper Plate Forming Machine (ZDJ-700K)

Model NO.: ZDJ-700K
Usage: Packing Paper Machine
Type: Paper Folding Machine
Automatic Grade: Automatic
Computerized: Yes
Trademark: LIZHONG
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Specification: SGS
Origin: China
HS Code: 84413090
New Model ZDJ-600 automatic paper plate forming machine:

New Model Automatic Paper Plate Forming Machine (ZDJ-700K)

 ZDJ-600 type high speed automatic paper disc (disc) is based on the needs of the market and developed independently, with automatic pneumatic suction paper feeding, automatic heating molding, disc and constant temperature control, automatic counting, multi disk and other functions, can be directly supporting the production line. The production of various specifications of paper plate is circular, square paper dish shaped and paper disc (disc) of the ideal equipment.
ZDJ-600 paper disc (disc) compared with the traditional automatic paper plate machine, it re combination principle of hydraulic and mechanical combined, has higher production speed, more stable performance, safe operation, maintenance and more humanized structure design more convenient.
ZDJ-600 automatic high speed paper disc machine adopts the fast type oil pressure system, the maximum pressure can reach 5T, it has the advantages of faster, more environmental protection and energy saving compared with the common cylinder
ZDJ-600 high speed automatic paper disc (disc) machine is widely used in the production of paper or aluminum foil as raw material of the dish (disc)
ZDJ-600's advantages compared with the same product:
1 independent research and development, the latest products
2 using the fast oil pressure system, each station is 30 - 50 minutes faster than ordinary machine
3 paper feeding machine work, stable performance. Compared to the ordinary type of paper cutting technology, rejection rate greatly reduced to 2/10000
4 more humane, comes with a number of efficient disk machine, automatic number plate stack and other functions, compared to ordinary machines can save 1 and a half of the manual
5 can be directly with the packaging machine (paper disc packaging labeling machine (film), good packaging and labeling). Suitable for production.
     6 can automatically produce all kinds of non-standard products, the yield of one hundred percent, to solve the ordinary machine can not complete the problem
7 hydraulic oil recycling, reduce emissions pollution, low noise

Main technical parameters:

     Paper plate specifications: 4--12 inch (diameter, square, round paper dish) (die exchangeable);
     Paper material: 100---1000 g / m2 (paper, white paper, white cardboard, aluminum foil or other);
     Production speed: single station 55 - 70; double station - 110 - 140 minutes
     Power requirements: 50Hz 380V;
     Total power: 6 KW;
     Machine weight: 600 KG;
     Dimensions: (L x W x H) 3300 x 1150 x 2300 mm;
     Supporting gas requirements: working pressure 0.4MPa,   working gas 0.3 cubic meters / minute;
     Other notes: we can customize the production of various   specifications of the paper machine in accordance with the requirements of customers
Main technical parameters of oil cylinder:
Flow: 0.3 m3 / min
Oil pressure: Mpa 0.3-0.6
Cylinder stroke: 125 mm

New Model Automatic Paper Plate Forming Machine (ZDJ-700K)
 Model  ZDJ-600K
 Paper plate diameter  4-12inch
 Rated productivity   110-140 pcs/min (Two workstation)
 Power supply  220V 50HZ,/380v, 50 hz
 Installed power 6KW
 Weight  600KG
 Packing size(L*W*H)  3300 x 1150 x 2300 mm
 Air pressure request  Working pressure: 0.6Mpa, Working air flow: 1m3/min

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