November 30, 2021

Striking Bars & Shank Adapter for End Extension Rod

Model NO.: R32 R38 T38 T45 T51 St58 Gt60
Function: New
Color: Gray
Drive: Connection
Shape: R22 R25 R38 T38 T45 T51
Trademark: BESTLINK
Transport Package: Carton
Specification: CE
Origin: China
HS Code: 72288000
1. Various shank adaptors for choice
2 model no.: R22, R25, R38, T38, T45, T51
3 factory suplying price
4 accept small order

Xiamen BESTLINK-----Drilling Tools Expert

Shank adapter:
In the drilling industry, there are many ways regarding the connections between different spare parts, for example, for taper drill rods and taper drill bits, taper degree is one way.
While there is another way, that is by threads. This means different spare parts can be connected by threads. So we say shank adapters, couplings, extension rods, threaded cross bits and threaded button bits belong to threaded drilling products. Shank adapter is used for transmitting power between drill machine and drill stems.
One end is to connect drill machine, another end is to connect drill stems, by this way, the power from drill machine is transmitted to drill bits, finally the rocks are cut.
In the world, there are different drill machines, so different shank adapters are available, like Atlas Copco, Tamrock, Ingersoll Rand, etc. Also for the same drill machine, due to different applications, the shank adapters can be different length and different threads. Sinodrills shank adapters are compatible with most popular drill machines in the world.

1 model no.: R22 R25 R38 T38 T45 T51
2 diametr: 38, 38.3, 44.3, 44.7, 45, 52, 57.8 mm
3 length: 255-880mm
Thread Manufacturer Drifter Length(mm) Weight(kg)
R32 Furukawa HD120/200,M120 349.3 3.12
R32 Gardner-Denver PR123,PR133 349.3 3.12
R32 Ingersoll-Rand Evl130, VL120/140 349.3 3.12
R38 Atlas-Copco BBE 51/52/57 448 4.9
R38 Furukawa HD120/200,M120 349.3 3.26
R38 Ingersoll-Rand Evl130, VL120/140 349.3 3.26
R38 Joy VCR260/360 390.5 3.6
R38 Montabert H100 448 4.9
R38 Tmrk HL844 448 4.9
R38 Tmrk L600 / 750 349.3 3.26
T38 Atlas-Copco BBE56/57 530.4 5.5
T38 Atlas-Copco COP1036/1038 590 5
T38 Furukawa HD120/200,M120 349.3 3.4
T38 Furukawa PD200 484 3.6
T38 Gardner-Denver HPR1H(12 Spline) 725 6.8
T38 Gardner-Denver PR123/133/55 349.3 3.4
T38 Ingersoll-Rand ELV130 349.3 3.4
T38 Ingersoll-Rand ELV130 349.3 3.4
T38 Ingersoll-Rand HC80RP (shot) 669 7.9
T38 Ingersoll-Rand VL120/140 349.3 3.4
T38 Joy VCR260/360 390.5 3.6
T38 Montabert HC80 591 6.68
T38 Montabert HC80RP(Shot) 669 7.9
T38 Montabert HC80RP(Long) 771 8.5
T38 Tmrk HL438/538/844 495 3.6
T38 Tmrk L600/750 349.3 3.4
T45 Atlas-Copco BBE56/57/57-01 530.4 5.7
T45 Atlas-Copco Cop1036/1038 590 5
T45 Furukawa HD120/200,M120 349.3 3.6
T45 Gaedner-Denver HPR1H 12Spline 725 5.7
T45 Gaedner-Denver PR132 349.3 5
T45 Gaedner-Denver PR66 558.8 3.6
T45 Ingersoll-Rand EVL130,VL140 349.5 5
12 Spline
T45 Ingersoll-Rand EVL130, VL120/140 558.8 3.6
T45 Ingersoll-Rand VL671 w 3/4" tube 349.5 5.9
T45 Ingersoll-Rand VL671 w 9/16" tube 533.4 6

Striking Bars & Shank Adapter for End Extension RodStriking Bars & Shank Adapter for End Extension RodStriking Bars & Shank Adapter for End Extension RodStriking Bars & Shank Adapter for End Extension Rod


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