July 21, 2019

Super Solar Energy Microcomputer Parrot Egg Incubator Equipment

Model NO.: BZ-1232
Computerized: Computerized
Certification: CE
Condition: New
Item: Chicken Incubator
Spare Parts: Egg Tester, Hatching Basket
Feature: Full Automatic, Digital
Capacity: 1232 Chicken Eggs
Sizes(L*H*W): 99*72*148cm
Weight: 100 Kgs
Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
Voltage: 110V~120V,220V~240V
Temperature: 37.5 ~ 38degrees Celsius
Product: 1232 Solar Eggs Incubator
Trademark: Hongzhou
Transport Package: by Air, by Sea/Packed in Carton with Foam
Specification: 1.43 CBM
Origin: China
HS Code: 84362100
Super Solar Energy Microcomputer Parrot Egg Incubator Equipment

Chicken Eggs Pigeon Eggs Quail Eggs Duck Eggs Goose/Turkey Eggs Ostrich Eggs
1232 1568 3094 756 256 24
Our incubator can accommodate most species by simply changing egg trays.Each machine includes a set of chicken egg trays
acquiescently. If you need other egg trays, please advise.
1232 Solar Incubator Specification
Size Sizes(L*H*W):103*74*148CM  Weight:100 kg
Voltage& Frequency Voltage:110V~120V,220V~240V
Watts 1000w
Temperature 37.8 (Factory set for chicken)
Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±0.1°C
Humidity 60% (Factory set for chicken)
Humidity Measurement Accuracy ±5%RH
Turning Angle 90°
Egg Turning Factory settings every 2 hours for180 seconds
Ventilation Every 2 hours
Above date of incubator is for hatching chicks. Different poultry need different hatching conditions, especially in temperature
and humidity. Our factory will adjust data of hatching according to your requirements. Meanwhile, you can adjust accordingly
by yourself reference to manual operation comes with incubator.

For a 1232 solar incubator you need two solar panels(310w) and three batteries. One battery will offer for 5 hours.
Our factory have updated solar incubator at the first season.Simplifies structure is easier to use solar and electric energy. More detail
we are pleasure to share with you.

How to use our updated solar incubator
At first, you need to learn what is different between updated and old solar incubator
1. In old one, there are more process to operate. In a word, old solar incubator its solar power work on heating water to offer
    energy for incubator.
2.As for updated solar incubator, we simplify our solar incubator's construct, designing for by put the inverter on the top of
   incubator inside and directly connect with solar panel.So our solar incubator access to easy to use as same as electric incubator.
3. If you want to use electric for our solar incubator, you make the power cable connect with electricity.

Super Solar Energy Microcomputer Parrot Egg Incubator Equipment
Super Solar Energy Microcomputer Parrot Egg Incubator Equipment
Super Solar Energy Microcomputer Parrot Egg Incubator Equipment
Super Solar Energy Microcomputer Parrot Egg Incubator Equipment
Super Solar Energy Microcomputer Parrot Egg Incubator Equipment

How do we go through for our customers order?
Every step we will do our best to serve our customer, let you trust us and wait for incubator in relax.
1. The time of sent out: Once we get the payment from our customer, we will prepare the order within one week then send it out
    from our warehouse.
2. Examine the incubator before we start to pack. a. Incubator is good shape and undamaged. b. Whether the incubator can
    work properly
3.Our packing materials: we packed our incubator in Foam, in Carton with Plastic Outside. In the bottom, there are angle iron
   rack to protect incubator for transport.
4.We will inform you that your incubator is out from our warehouse and give you the packing pictures.
5.Borden on ship: we inform you when we board his order to ship and arrival time. And give you the Bill of Lading.
6.Inform customs clearance: when the incubator arrival at your port, we will notify you to clear customs and then pick up the 
   incubator from our agent with the Bill of Lading.
Notice: If you pick up your incubator, please be sure to re-sign inspection to ensure that the goods good shape.
How do you guarantee your after sale service?
We know that this is the point of concern for most of the guests. We are more concerned about this than you, knowing that this is
a long-term development of the necessary conditions for our company. we can always keep good relationship with our customers
for six years, not only because our incubator favoured by our customer, but also our service.

A. When you purchase an incubator, it will come with an instruction manual where every step of the incubation process is
    explained and therefore guarantee successful hatching. 
B. My dear friend,we promise 3-years warranty on all the spare parts, free incubator parts to support your broken damage. Any
     egg incubator problems you have, Welcome email or call me! We will provide our best professional service for you
C. And as part of after sales service, manufacturers provide various kind of support. We will guide and provide information or
    training on the incubation procedure and business advice that you need in order to make your hatchery a success.Any question
    you can email us or call us. We will give you solution within 24 hours.