June 17, 2019

China's first multi-channel module CNC system has reached the international leading level

China's first multi-channel module CNC system was launched in Dalian recently, and has independent intellectual property rights, thus ending the domestic application of the system can only rely on the history of imports.

The achievement of this breakthrough is the return of overseas students. He worked in the famous machine tool research institute in China for a while and then studied at Tokyo Electric University in Japan. During his studies and work in Japan, he specialized in the development of CNC machine tools. Many projects have also been applied by many machine tool manufacturers at home and abroad. In order to better serve the motherland, in 2002 he established Dalian Dongxin Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. as an overseas student, specializing in the development of CNC systems with international advanced level. In the past three years, Qifang has invested more than 3 million yuan in this.

According to reports, the multi-channel module CNC system developed by the company can freely configure the number of control axes of the system, realize single-axis to multi-axis control, and greatly improve the machining efficiency of the machine. The main technical indicators of the multi-channel module CNC system are at the international leading level, and have been recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. They have also obtained the national “Technology Innovation Fund for SMEs” and also applied for patents to the State Intellectual Property Office. Industry experts believe that the advent of multi-channel modular CNC system will fundamentally improve the overall technical level and market competitiveness of domestic CNC equipment, and promote the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry and the revitalization of old industrial bases.