July 21, 2019

Cummins and Dongfeng jointly build technology center to develop engine

Recently, Dongfeng Cummins Engine Technology R&D Center jointly established by Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. and Cummins Inc. of the United States held a groundbreaking ceremony in Hubei Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone. This is the first technology research and development center set up by foreign engine companies in China. This marks a qualitative leap after the cooperation between Cummins Inc. and Dongfeng Motor in the past 20 years. Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. will transform from a pure diesel engine production base to a production and R&D base.

The United States Cummins and Dongfeng Motor cooperation began in 1985, Dongfeng Motor introduced Cummins B series diesel engine by license. In 1996, Cummins and Dongfeng Motor cooperated in depth and established the C-Series engine joint venture Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. In 2003, the two parties carried out the best integration of production and products, and incorporated B series diesel engines into Dongfeng Cummins Inc., and Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. became the largest and most technologically advanced joint venture in China's medium and heavy-duty diesel engines. Since then, Dongfeng's medium and heavy trucks have been equipped with Dongfeng Cummins B and C series engines. In 2004, Dongfeng EQ1290, EQ1230 and EQ4165 series heavy trucks were equipped with Dongfeng Cummins C series engines.

In the words of Zhu Fushou, general manager of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., "Dongfeng and Cummins' 20 years of strategic cooperation fully demonstrates the strong and strong alliance and strives for a win-win business philosophy." From January to June 2005, despite the severe market situation The sales volume of Dongfeng medium and heavy trucks still won the top spot in the market, and the matching rate of Cummins engines reached 70%~80%. At present, Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. has become the second largest production base of Cummins in the United States with an annual capacity of 150,000 medium and heavy-duty diesel engines. The annual engine production has accounted for 20% of Cummins' global production.

It is understood that with diesel engines more environmentally friendly than gasoline engine technology and energy saving of about 30%, the proportion of diesel engines in the world's European and American markets has accounted for 40%, and some countries even exceed 50%, while the proportion of the Chinese market is less than 10%. The establishment of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Technology R&D Center is aimed at the huge space for the sustainable development of China's diesel engines in the future.

The Dongfeng Cummins Engine Technology R&D Center established this time will make full use of the research and development network of Cummins' seven countries around the world, share advanced R&D resources and product series platforms, and make leap-forward development, and develop engine products and technologies in parallel with the European and American markets. Sun Xiaobo, general manager of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Technology R&D Center, said: “After the completion of the R&D center, the first phase of work will focus on the development of Euro IV emission standards and Dongfeng diesel engines suitable for Chinese customers, and gradually include engineering machinery, mines, ships, Advance in other areas, including power generation equipment, railways, and key components, to achieve comprehensive research and development from parts and engines to complete vehicle power systems."