June 05, 2020

China's largest tonnage cable-type truck-mounted crane unveiled at Xugong

Recently, the largest domestic tonnage cable type SQ10SA3 truck-mounted crane, which represents the advanced level of the domestic industry and marks the development of the international industry, was unveiled at Xugong Group Truck-mounted Crane Company and will participate in the 8th Beijing Construction Machinery Exhibition and Technology in October 2005. Exchange.

The SQ10SA3 truck-mounted crane adopts a cable structure. The boom adopts a hexagonal shape with a section of 145 degrees. The turntable adopts a pentagon and a floating-point arc-type three-point bridge to fully protect the bottom frame. The product design process adopts PRO/E stereoscopic three-dimensional design, which improves the design precision and improves the reliability of product quality from the source. At the same time, the product also adopts modular design, which reduces the management, procurement, storage and transportation costs.