June 05, 2020

New adsorption hydrogen purification device passed the identification

Recently, the Guangdong Province industrial research project, which was presided over by Professor Zhu Dongsheng from the School of Chemical Engineering and Energy, South China University of Technology, passed the identification of a variable temperature pressure swing adsorption hydrogen purification device. Experts believe that the hydrogen purifier is suitable for the adsorption hydrogen drying process of hydrogen production station, hydrogen-cooled generator set and oxygen plant of smelting plant. It can also be applied to the drying and purification of special gas with appropriate adjustment, which has a good market prospect. .

According to Professor Zhu Dongsheng, the result is a variable temperature and pressure regeneration process and a high heat conduction adsorbent design, so that the desorption temperature of the adsorbent is reduced to below 200 ° C; the direction of gas flow during regeneration is opposite to the direction of gas flow during drying, and the adsorbent of the drying tower is improved. The regeneration effect and the drying depth of hydrogen, the outlet hydrogen dew point can reach below -45 °C. The newly developed variable temperature and pressure swing adsorption hydrogen purification device is driven by a magnetic fan and forced circulation purification outside the hydrogen engine; the process flow is optimized, and the dust removal and degreasing performance of the device is increased; and the PLC control system is used to realize automatic operation. It also has automatic fault judgment and processing functions.