August 15, 2020

Factory Hot Selling Ball Shape Disk Organic Fertilizer Pellet Granulator

Model NO.: ZL
Raw Material: Composting/Organic Matter
Granules Shapes: Ball Shape
Capacity: 1-20 Tons Per Hour
Dimension(L*W*H): Decided by Capacity Demand
Volatge: 380V(Customized)
Power: 2.2-22kw
Warranty: 12 Months
Service: Engineer Available Service Overseas
Usage: Making Fertilizer Granules
Application: Complete Organic Fertilizer Production
Trademark: Tianci or OEM
Transport Package: Container or Plywood Box
Specification: ZL
Origin: Zhegzhou, Henan Province China
HS Code: 8453200000
Factory Hot Selling Ball Shape Disk Organic Fertilizer Pellet Granulator

Introduction of Disc Organic Fertilizer Granulator

1.Disc Organic Fertilizer Granulator can be efficiently utilized to prepare fertilizer granules from chicken manure, cow dung, sheep manure, straw meals, organic waste etc. having moisture between 20 to 30% only.
2.Disc Organic Fertilizer Granulator of bottom adopts multiple steel plates which are firm,durable,not deforming.
3.Disc Organic Fertilizer Granulator the circular moving disc and the presence of the scrapper arm for scrapping the stuck power.
4.Disc Organic Fertilizer Granulator the angle of disc is arc shaped and adjustable.

The Structure of Disc Organic Fertilizer Granulator

1. Frame part:the machine frame parts are welding with excellent carbon channel, and adopted a rigorous quality certification and specific Of the technical requirements, has reached the purpose of the machine used.
2. Adjustment part: our company specializes in the use of excellent welding carbon steel plate and channel steel, and adopted a strict quality standards Certification, have reached the requirements of the machine used.
3. Transmission parts: The motor installed on transmission rack and reducer are with ISO / 9001 quality products, with reliable quality. The motor drive Pulley, V-belt, Reducer and pinion, the small gear transmission large gear and drive the granulation plate work. The gears are used high-frequency fire, with twice service life than old type.  The granulation plate is fixed on the driving shaft , the connecting part of the stigma adopts the taper fitting.
4. Granulation part: This machine granulator disk angle with the overall arc design, granulation rate can reach more than 90%, granulation disk bottom also uses a number of radiation steel to strengthen, durable, never deformation;
5. Automatic cleaning part: This part is installed on the top of the granulator, into frame shape, with automatic clear plate.

Our Disc Organic Fertilizer Granulator
Factory Hot Selling Ball Shape Disk Organic Fertilizer Pellet Granulator

Features of Disc Organic Fertilizer Granulator

1.The granulating rate can be reached more than 93%.
2.The design of granulator which greatly reduce the labor intensity and improves labor efficiency.
3.The disc is sturdy,durable,anti-corrosion,has long life and requires very less maintenance.
4.Easy operation and maintenance.
5.Long service life.
6.Quick profit,good economic returns

Parameters for Disc Organic Fertilizer Granulator


Inner diam


Side height




Rotation spees(r/min) Motor power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Decele rators model
ZL10 1000 250 0.4 24 2.2 0.3-0.5 XW5-59
ZL15 1500 300 1.1 22 5.5 0.5-0.8 ZQ250-48
ZL18 1800 300 1.4 18 5.5 0.6-1.0 ZQ250-48
ZL20 2000 350 1.8 18 7.5 0.8-1.2 ZQ250-48
ZL25 2500 350 2.5 18 7.5 1.0-1.5 ZQ400-23
ZL28 2800 400 3.3 18 11 1.0-2.5 ZQ250-48
ZL30 3000 450 3.9 16 11 2.0-3.0 ZQ250-23
ZL32/36 32000/3600 500/550 4.3/5.5 13.6/11.3 15/18.5 2.0-3.5/3.0-5.0



ZL45 4500 600 6.5 8 22 4.0-6.0 ZQ250-48

Our company information:

Factory Hot Selling Ball Shape Disk Organic Fertilizer Pellet Granulator
Our advantages:

1.Main products: compound and organic fertilizer granulator, mixer, belt conveyor, dryer, screening machine, dewatering machine, crusher, weighing packaging machine, etc.
2.Designated production enterprise by Agriculture Department
3.We account for 80% market shares in compound and bio-organic fertilizer manufacturing filed in China.
4.Processional Research and Development team
5.Strict quality control system
6.We provide competitive prices, reliable quality products and swift delivery time.
7.Exported to more than 30 countries in Africa, South America, Mid East, Central America and other area, such as, India, Korea, Australia, etc.

Our Pre-sale Service:
1.Offering comprehensive technical and business consultation services;
2.Proposing the most suitable scheme and equipment for our clients;
3.Designing and fabricating targeted products according to the special requirements of clients; 
4.Training periodically high qualified service technician.

Our customer visiting:

Factory Hot Selling Ball Shape Disk Organic Fertilizer Pellet Granulator

Our loading and transportation:

Factory Hot Selling Ball Shape Disk Organic Fertilizer Pellet Granulator

Our after-sales Service: 

1.Highly inspecting equipments in every working procedure, quality comes first;
2.Fast & Safe Delivery; 
3.Assisting our clients for foundation construction of equipments;
4.Dispatching engineers to install and debug equipments;
5.Training the first-line operators on site;
6. Regularly visit clients to solve production problems Providing life-long maintenance service 
7.Providing technical exchanging.

Our installation overseas in site:

Factory Hot Selling Ball Shape Disk Organic Fertilizer Pellet Granulator


1.Are you manufacturer or trade company?
   We are a professional manufacturer for producing fertilizer process machines and related machine(granulator, crusher, mixer, packing, feeding machines and conveyor belt) etc.
2.How about the delivery time?
   It can be shipped immediately for the machine in stock,and 5-7days for the machine out of stock
3.How long is the guarantee?
   Warranty for 12 months without artificial and deliberate damage.
4.How should to do if  I meet some trouble while using?
   The English manual book and video will be provide for showing how to resolve the problems, if necessary, we will dispatch our engineer to your factory.
5. Do you provide the installation service after ordering your machines?
    As for the single machine, we provide the users instruction and operation video.
    As for the production line,we provide the professional construction drawing, and arrange the engineer guide the user install the machines.Help the user train the skilled workers.
6.Can we visit your factory for machine testing operations?
    We warmly welcome the clients to visiting our factory for trying machine.
7.Can we see some fertilizer plant with your machine?
    We can take the customer to visit fertilizer plants with our equipment.

Contact us:

Factory Hot Selling Ball Shape Disk Organic Fertilizer Pellet Granulator


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Series Sub-2000
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