January 21, 2022

Glass Cleaner, Windshield Cleaner, Mirror Cleaner, Glass Clean

  • Model NO.: TE-8043
  • Capacity: 200- 300ml
  • Volume: 180ml
  • Validity: Three Years
  • Trademark: TEKORO
  • Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Type: Glass Abluent
  • Brand: Tekoro
  • Package: 30PCS/CTN
  • Carton Size: 27.5X20.5X20.5cm
  • Specification: CE, RoHS, SGS, GMP
TEKORO Windshield Cleaner Highly effective concentrate as an additive for the Disc washer. On Nano-Technology-Basis. Eliminates in seconds blinding, oily films. The formula still offers better protection against insects, debris and sprays fresh fragrance. 
Glare and grease films on the front windscreen. Soil, like insect residuals, dust, silicon, wax, diesel soot, etc. On the windscreen lead to dangerous glare and grease films, especially during rain or at dusk. Actuating the windscreen wipers however only removes the dirt superficially, leaving a water-repellent, hydrophobic and milky layer that scatters light in particular from oncoming cars thus dazzling the driver.
Increases the life of windscreen wipers
Can be mixed with any commercial antifreeze
Is also suitable for plastic headlight lenses and fan nozzles
A special innovative polymer combination from the Dr. Wack Chemie research laboratory removes all glare and grease films even faster, enabling a safe sight in no time
Reduces the dirt adhesion, thus accelerating the cleaning procedure and ensuring ...

Q1:Can you print our logos?
Yes,customized logos can be print on the products according to your requirements.
Q2:Is that factory price?
Yes,we assure you all prices are based on factory.
Q3: What is your delivery date ?
Within 30 days once we confirm the packing artwork .
Q4:What documents are available?
A full range documents including commercial invoice, packing list, Bill of Loading Original, MSDS and relative certificates can be provided. 
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Coupling R15K551.1

Our company provide professional technical service for thermal power plant. We are specialize in comprehensive solution proposal of energy saving transformation for boiler feed water pump in thermal power plant. We also provide coupling overhaul service, pump spare parts, and Coupling Spare Parts for power plants.

It is true that the powr consumption rate of T-BFP is higher to M-BFP, so there is a requirement to transform the M-BFP, in order to decrease the station service power consumption rate:

The methods of transformation include the followings:

1. transform the M-BFP to T-BFP

2. transform the Hydraulic Coupling

3.transform the BFP

4. transform the speed adjusting mode of M-BFP. That means changing from the hydraulic coupling speed to frequency conversion.

And do you know which is the best method? And how to transform?

Please contact us directly if you are interested in this project. 

Coupling R15K551.1

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