June 22, 2021

Immediately after the high-speed train medical check "Thunderbolt"

From now until the end of September, the Zhengzhou Railway Bureau will carry out a two-month safety inspection. High-speed rail safety and passenger car safety, fire and explosion prevention, and high-speed rail equipment failures are the focus of the inspection.

The reporter learned from the Zhengzhou Railway Bureau that from now until the end of September, a two-month safety inspection will be conducted in the overall situation.

In safety inspection activities, 7 items such as high-speed rail safety and passenger car safety, fire prevention and explosion prevention, high-speed rail equipment failures, summer transportation and flood control, on-site operation, off-normal traffic and emergency handling, security precautions, and off-road safety are security Check the focus. Moreover, the safety of high-speed rails is particularly important as a major inspection activity.

All hidden dangers and problems detected in the equipment shall be included in the problem bank, and the designated person shall make corrective measures one by one, and timely formulate targeted security guarantee measures for problems that cannot be solved at one time.

In addition, in light of the current situation of flood control and flood prevention and severe weather, the Zhengzhou Railway Bureau strictly implemented inspection systems for inspections during rain and after rain, focusing on detailed inspections of lines and equipment that may change.

In case of heavy rainfall, we must report the on-site rainfall situation to the dispatching department in a timely manner. The dispatching department shall adhere to the principle of “safety first” and promptly issue a speed limit or blockade order.

In addition, the electrical department has done a full range of lightning protection work, conducted a general survey and testing of lightning protection equipment in the machinery room, and replaced the unqualified lightning protection devices in a timely manner; the maintenance department should remind the locomotive crew members to enhance their visibility and control the speed of the trains, and make every effort to ensure Passenger train safety.

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