January 21, 2022

Improvement of water pump lubricating oil filter

Analyze the structure of the oil pump lubricating oil filter, find out the existing problems, propose improvement schemes and apply them in actual production.
Key words: Lubricating oil filter; structural improvement The water injection pump is the key equipment for secondary oil recovery in oil fields. Whether the water injection pump can operate normally directly affects the completion of the oil production task of the oil production plant and is related to the energy saving and consumption reduction work of the joint station.

There are 6 water injection equipments in Jianghe Union Station of No. 1 Oil Production Plant, including 3 sets of 2000kW D300-150×10A large pumps and 3 sets of 1200kW DFl20-180×12 high pressure pumps. For many years, the problem of lubricating oil system failure has affected the normal operation of the water injection pump. It takes more than 15 inspections per year. It takes 3 days for each maintenance. It takes more than 45 days to repair the pump every year. It takes a lot of manpower and material resources to repair each year.

Through careful study and analysis of the design structure and principle of the lubricating oil system, it was found that the main problem was that the structure of the lubricating oil filter was unreasonable, so it was modified. After the transformation, the production and operation of the investment was very significant, completely eliminating the hidden dangers of the accident and ensuring production.

1, the problem

Through observation and analysis, it is found that the structure of the original lubricating oil into the pump filter is unreasonable, and the following problems exist:

a, disassembly and cleaning is inconvenient. Since the filter gland is directly connected to the filter outlet line, each time the filter core is cleaned, the entire filter must be removed together with the filter line, which causes inconvenience to normal maintenance.

b. There are many leaks in the whole system.

c. The gland installation cannot be in place. Due to the directionality of the pipeline on the filter gland, the gland compression and pipe connection are contradictory.

d, the amount of lubricating oil is small. Since the lubricating oil enters from the bottom of the filter, the filter core and the bottom space of the filter are too small, so that the flow rate of the lubricating oil is small, and the lubrication requirement of the lubrication point of the water injection pump cannot be fully satisfied.

2, improvement measures

From the above analysis, the main problem lies in the structural defects of the direct connection of the filter gland and the filter line, and the following solutions have been developed for this purpose:

a. The filter outlet is designed in the upper part of the filter and separated from the filter gland to avoid disassembling the entire lubrication line during the disassembly and cleaning, and solves the problem that the gland cannot be tightened, thereby reducing the leakage of the lubricating oil.

b. Move the filter inlet from the bottom of the filter to the middle and lower part, which can increase the lubricating oil inlet space, so that the lubrication point is sufficient, and the problem of insufficient oil supply is avoided.

c. Add a compression ring to the upper part of the filter core. The filter core can be fixed in the working state, so as not to affect the filter filtering effect.

3, the effect of use

The technical retrofit solution has low investment, is simple and easy to implement, and does not require major changes to the lubricating oil system. The modified filter has the advantages of good sealing performance and easy maintenance. After being put into use, the frequent inspection of the water injection pump due to the lubricating oil problem is completely avoided, the frequency of the pumping is greatly reduced, and the completion of the water injection task is ensured.