January 21, 2022

Japan Heavy Machinery is the first to introduce overlock sewing machine to the Chinese market

Industrial sewing machine occupies the world's largest market share and has always been the highest level of "creative and technological" Japan's heavy machine (JUKI) Co., Ltd. China representative Heye Guangzhi, announced on July 14th at Shanghai Mart, Japan Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. to China The market is the first to introduce the world's first high-speed unfueled head overlock sewing machine MO6700D, and the price is close to the mass consumption level.

In 1990, Heavy Machinery established the first company in Shanghai to produce small overlock sewing machines. Since then, it has successively set up a joint venture of industrial sewing machines in Langfang, Hebei, and set up a manufacturing sewing machine in Ningbo, Zhejiang. A wholly-owned enterprise of components. The heavy machine company not only manages these companies in a unified manner, but also supports and provides assistance in improving the level of the Chinese garment industry from sales and production.

In view of the problem of oil pollution which is the most likely to cause poor quality in the sewing process, Japan Heavy Machinery adopts JU-KI's unique advanced oil-free technology in the iron body mechanism and the upper looper mechanism, that is, it does not cause oil leakage. The ordinary sewing machine white oil is used, and a special lubricator is used, and the surface is specially surfaced at the rotating position, so that the machine does not "catch" even under high-speed operation conditions, and the durability is improved.

MO6700D is a high-grade, low-cost, oil-free product suitable for sewing underwear, bras, children's wear, evening dresses, swimwear and high-quality garment manufacturers. It has the following special features: it can solve the oil stains of sewing products and reduce the elimination. Oil and the resulting repair work can reduce costs and improve the quality of sewing products; oil-free technology can achieve high-speed mechanical durability, ensuring no jamming at 6000 rpm; sewing and seamability The performance is the same as that of the highly evaluated MO6700S. The sewing range of needle exchange parts and devices is very wide. The models that can prevent wrinkle specifications are set. The parts of the machine are high-speed and reasonable, and the new configuration prevents the difficult fabric. And the new fabric wrinkle device can be used to sew perfect sewing products.