January 21, 2022

Open up new markets Yutong Heavy Industry wins 6 orders for Xiangyang washing vehicles

In August of this year, Yutong Heavy Industry successfully signed six washing vehicle orders in Liyang, opening up new markets. It has made important contributions to road cleaning and sanitation in Xiangyang City.

Yutong Heavy Industry's cleaning vehicle integrates a road sweeper, a high pressure cleaning vehicle, and a sprinkler. It realizes cleaning, high pressure cleaning, garbage collection, and sewage collection in a single operation. It truly realizes “one vehicle and more energy” and improves effectively. The utilization rate of equipment has reduced the number of equipment purchases and reduced investment.

As everyone knows, if the cleaning of urban roads is not appropriate, it may cause dust to diffuse, which will greatly affect the air quality of the city. The previously used sweeping vehicle and cleaning vehicle model has problems such as poor dust removal and serious sewage spread. For road cleaning is not good, it may even lead to secondary pollution.

The Yutong heavy cleaning vehicle can be said to be a combination of the functions of a sweeping vehicle and a high-pressure cleaning vehicle. When sweeping the road surface, the road will be washed and washed at high pressure, and garbage and sewage will be collected simultaneously. Put them in the trash. The road surface treated by such a process will be a clean road with no dust and sewage waste, and the road surface has a very good cleaning effect. Yutong Heavy Industry Cleaning Vehicle can be used for a variety of road conditions, various urban roads, road edges, corners, etc., to provide a strong guarantee for the city to build a clean, beautiful and smooth harmonious road environment.

With the continuous advancement of urbanization and people’s increasing attention to the urban living environment, the “Yutong Heavy Industry Cleaning Vehicle” as an urban beautician will enter more cities, so that the general public can have a better road environment.

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