January 21, 2022

Understand the principle and structure of wireless chargers

The wireless charging system mainly adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction, and energy transfer through the coil realizes energy transfer. As shown in the figure, when the system is working, the input terminal converts the AC mains into a DC power through the full-bridge rectifier circuit, or directly supplies the system with a 24V DC terminal.

The DC power output after the power management module is converted into high frequency alternating current by the 2M active crystal oscillator to supply the primary winding. The energy is coupled through two inductor coils, and the current output from the secondary coil is converted into direct current by the conversion circuit to charge the battery.

A changing magnetic field produces a changing electric field. A changing electric field produces a changing magnetic field whose magnitude is related to their rate of change. The rate of change of the sinusoidal function is another sinusoidal function, so the electromagnetic wave can propagate out and the induced voltage The generation is related to the change of the magnetic flux, so the magnetic field that changes inside the coil generates an induced voltage, thereby completing the charging process.

Mobile phone wireless charging is a relatively new charging method, the principle is actually very simple, that is, the ordinary transformer main secondary is separated to achieve the purpose of wireless. Of course, the wireless charging work rate is relatively high, and even the core can be abandoned directly between the coils to achieve energy transfer.

Knowledge - Magnetic Field Resonance

Physicists have long known that energy can be efficiently transmitted between two objects with the same resonant frequency, and the interaction between objects of different frequencies is weak. The singer can smash one of the bottles with different water volumes without affecting other bottles. This is also like when we are swinging, just sit on the top and let the sagging legs swing together to give the swings the same power.

The wireless charger schematic wireless charging technology makes use of this principle. Similarly, wireless charging technology also applies the principle of electromagnetic wave induction, and related AC induction technology. At the transmitting and receiving ends, a corresponding coil is used to transmit and receive an AC signal that generates an induced signal for charging. The user only needs to The charging device can be charged on a "flat". This type of charging used to appear on watches and razors, but it was not possible to charge a large-capacity lithium-ion battery at that time.

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