October 22, 2021

The man hurries to catch the train and passes the security check. 200,000 civilian police are returned

Yesterday morning, Mr. Yuan, eager to catch the train, hurried through the security checkpoint at the railway station, and smashed the large baggage to the platform. They did not know that the shoulder bag he would carry was left beside the security instrument. After the on-duty police found it, the open view was actually loaded with 200,000 yuan in cash, immediately through the station radio to find the owner of Mr. Yuan, and returned in full.

Security instrument next to a huge sum of money

At 7:00 a.m. yesterday morning, Qin Hong and Wang Qingguo, who were on duty at the West Entrance Hall of Qingdao North Railway Station, found an unclaimed brown shoulder bag next to the pit stop. The two policemen opened their eyes and immediately saw the renminbi of the bag “shook.” After a total of 200,000 yuan was counted, there were cameras and ten IOUs with a total value of 50,000 yuan and a copy of Yuan Mou’s. ID card. The two civilian police immediately used the intercom to inform the station's integrated control room and sought the owner through the station's broadcast and surveillance video.

Station broadcast finds owner

Ten minutes after the station’s broadcast, I saw a middle-aged man hurrying down from the waiting room on the second floor. “Comrade police, the bag is mine!” the middle-aged man shouted as he ran. When they ran to the police, the man gasped and said to the police that there were 200,000 yuan in cash in the bag and there were still many IOUs... The police checked the identity card in the bag and the man in front of him was the owner of the loss, Mr. Yuan. The shoulder bag and 200,000 yuan in cash are also his. Mr. Yuan was very excited to get the lost money and immediately took out 5,000 yuan to the police. “It is our duty to find the lost money for you. How could it possibly cost your money?” The police refused Mr. Yuan’s debt. "Thank you, ah, it's a hurry today. I'll be on the train for a while. When I come back, I must send you a banner." Yuan said to the police.

Feeling excited to write the wrong name

According to Yuan Mou’s introduction, he is prepared to take the G182 train bound for Beijing at 7:53 yesterday morning and carry 200,000 yuan in cash to go to Beijing to do a seafood business. Going out late in the morning, afraid to miss the train time will hurry to get on the road, when the pit stop is also a little panic, coupled with carrying more luggage, they took the big forget the small. It was not until he heard the station play the lost item to claim the broadcast that he discovered that he had lost a shoulder bag with 200,000 yuan in cash. Seeing a large sum of money recovered, Yuan Mou has always been very emotional. When the signature was confirmed, the pen's hand still shivered. At first, he wrote his own surname strokes wrongly. Yuan Moulian claimed that Xie, from the hands of the police took the money backpack hurriedly returned to the waiting room, just in time to catch up with the train to be launched.

According to the police station of the Qingdao North Railway Station police station, since the 1st of January, the Institute has helped passengers retrieve more than 40 pieces of lost items, equivalent to a value of more than RMB 300,000.

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