June 17, 2019

The two companies jointly developed a high-temperature screw oil pump

On December 13, the high-temperature screw oil pump jointly developed by Jiangxi Xinde Industrial Pump Co., Ltd. and Sinopec Jiujiang Branch passed the appraisal of Sinopec Group Company.

The high temperature oil pump is a key equipment in petrochemical plants, which is directly related to the normal production and economic benefits of petrochemical enterprises. However, the centrifugal and reciprocating high-temperature oil pumps currently used by Chinese enterprises have many problems that are difficult to overcome, including the impeller and pump wall being easily washed and abraded, the pump body is strong, the maintenance workload is large, and the running cost is high. According to this situation, in more than three years, the joint development of the two sides completed market research, program design, prototype trial production, industrial testing, assessment and calibration, and in Sinopec Jiujiang, Tianjin, Jingmen, Fushun, Jinxi The company successfully replaced the high temperature centrifugal pump.

Experts believe that the high-temperature screw oil pump can completely solve the problems in the production of centrifugal and reciprocating high-temperature oil pumps, and greatly improve the production efficiency. Its single set price is only about 500,000 yuan, 800,000 yuan cheaper than imported products, which can save a lot of equipment procurement costs for petrochemical enterprises.