July 21, 2019

Jining High-tech Zone encourages independent research and development

Recently, Jining Jinbaite Electronics Co., Ltd. independently developed the “Continuous Countercurrent Ultrasonic Extraction Complete Equipment” with 24 patented technologies, which was awarded the Jining Science and Technology Innovation Fund, and was listed as a key small and medium-sized technology enterprise by the High-tech Zone. With the policy of financial discount loans, the customers who come to order now are in a constant stream. Bai Zongming, general manager of the company, said with pleasure: "Independent innovation has enhanced the market competitiveness of enterprises and made the company taste the sweetness."

In the incubation base of Jining High-tech Zone, there are more than 230 technology-based enterprises like Jin Baite, and the taxes paid in January-November this year were more than 260 million yuan.

The district has the first national-level entrepreneurial service center in the provincial high-tech zone. In order to guide enterprises to actively carry out independent innovation, the district has issued a number of policies, such as technology and entrepreneurship fund policies, financial interest subsidy policies, tax incentives and talent introduction policies, to support independent research and development. This year, 3 technologies have been supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology's more than 2 million yuan of venture capital funds, and 26 patented technologies and products have received financial discount loans of nearly 4 million yuan from the national, provincial and municipal levels.

31 overseas students from the Overseas Students Pioneer Park have established 21 technology-based enterprises, independently researched and developed more than 10 high-tech projects, and applied for 14 foreign patents in the United States and the United Kingdom. Among them, HHCON-1 anti-cancer drugs have been It has been listed as a key project of science and technology by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Health. An imaging card machine and a color expansion machine independently developed by Tonglian Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. filled the domestic gap.

The district also pays great attention to the digestion and absorption of imported technologies and innovation. The construction machinery industry led by Shantui Group has introduced Japanese companies such as Komatsu Works, Shengdai Fuse, and Komatsu Investment Corporation. At present, the localization rate of construction machinery has exceeded 90%.

Relying on independent innovation and technology to innovate two "golden keys", Jining High-tech Zone has recently passed the certification of the National Torch Plan Engineering Machinery Industry Base and the National Torch Plan Biotechnology Industry Base. The preliminary evaluation of experts in the material industry base will soon become one of the national textile new materials industry intensive areas. At present, there are 65 high-tech enterprises in the high-tech zone.