July 21, 2019

Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps successfully developed cotton topping machine

On July 11th, the cotton topping machine developed by Wang Weixin, director of the Academic Affairs Office of Shihezi University of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, was tested in the 143th Regiment of the Eighth Division of Agriculture and achieved success.

At the top of the cotton topping, the reporter saw that the original height of 85 cm of cotton was 60 cm after the topping, and the number of fruit branches remained at about 6 sets. The topping achieved good results. According to experts' estimates, a cotton topping machine can top 200-300 acres a day, while a manual topping can hit 2.5 acres a day, and the cotton topping machine is 100 times more laborious.

The whole corps planted 6.9 million mu of cotton, and the total cotton output in 2004 reached 870,000 tons. Cotton topping is a very heavy labor in cotton field management, and each group needs a lot of manpower to carry out cotton topping every year. In order to solve the problem of time-consuming and labor-intensive cotton topping, Wang Weixin, then dean of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Shihezi University, began to develop cotton topping machines since 2001.

According to Tang Jun, the stationmaster of the Agricultural Technology Promotion Station of the Corps, the cotton topping machine developed by Shihezi University is the first in the entire corps. It is another major technological breakthrough after the cotton precision seeder and cotton picker. It has a very broad Prospects.