February 16, 2019

KY99D6 electronic drain valve developed successfully

After repeated experiments, the development of a 6mm electronic automatic drain (electronic drain valve) was successfully developed. Model: KY99D6, the success of this product can solve the problem of drainage of compressed air system with a displacement of 40 cubic meters / min. It is an ideal product for environmental protection and energy saving.

The features of this product are as follows:

1. The computer controller with LCD reality panel can set the drainage time and drainage time interval as required. The drainage time can be from 1 second to 48 hours with an accuracy of 1 second; the drainage interval can be from 2 seconds to 99 hours and 59 minutes with an accuracy of 1 second.

2. With power-off memory function, the timer is still working during power failure; at the same time, the current time and day of the week can be displayed on the LCD panel.

3. There is a test button on the panel, and the button can be drained once.

4. The panel has a strong light power indicator and a work indicator. When the electronic drain valve is drained, the work indicator shows the working status.

5. The drain valve is made of high quality copper and stainless steel, which can effectively prevent the valve core from being stuck.

6. The drain valve adopts a unique design, and it does not need to be cleaned regularly, and no blockage will occur.