July 21, 2019

Baosteel's cooling wall is the first set for the extra large blast furnace in foreign countries.

All the cast iron staves required for the overhaul of No. 3 blast furnace of Sumitomo Metals Co., Ltd. in Japan, a total of 11 sections, 400 pieces, and 1,392 tons, were originally manufactured and supplied by Shanghai Baosteel Group. All products will be delivered in February next year. This is the first time that Baosteel's stave products have been applied to large-scale blast furnaces abroad, and it is also the largest single contract since Baosteel exported blast furnace stave.

In recent years, with the widespread use of blast furnace coal injection technology in the world metallurgical industry, the importance of the cooling wall as a key equipment for the longevity of the blast furnace has become increasingly important.

After introducing the world's most advanced fourth-generation blast furnace stave manufacturing technology, Nippon Steel has developed into the most competitive professional manufacturer of stave in China by making full use of advanced direct-feeding technology and world-class manufacturing equipment. Baosteel's cooling wall products have been exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as Japan, Australia and the United States. It is reported that the design of the No. 3 blast furnace of the Sumitomo Metal Kashima Iron Works, which was designated to use Baosteel's stave, is 25 years old and has a volume of 5,400 cubic meters. It is one of the largest and longest service blast furnaces in the world.