January 24, 2022

Dongfeng sprinkler tires are: seven points, three points - sprinkler prices

Dongfeng sprinkler tires are: Seven-point raise, three-point use, we often overlook this point in use. Air pressure is the life of the tire, and more attention should be paid to the management of air pressure in tire maintenance.

First understand the effect of air pressure on the tire:

1. The tire pressure of the Dongfeng sprinkler has a decisive influence on the wear of the tire. In order to ensure safe driving, the air pressure must be checked regularly to maintain the normal air pressure level.

2. Research shows that the best tire pressure is less than 10%, which reduces the normal service life of Dongfeng sprinkler tires by 15% and fuel consumption by 2.5%.

3. Long-term low-pressure driving will accelerate rubber aging. Low pressure and high speed can easily lead to puncture accidents.

4. If the air pressure is too high, the weight of the vehicle body will be concentrated on the center of the tread, resulting in rapid wear of the tread center, which not only shortens the service life of the tire, but also reduces the comfort of the vehicle.

Some points to note in air pressure maintenance:

1. When the Dongfeng sprinkler tires cool, measure the air pressure and check the air pressure at least once a month (including the spare tire). However, we recommend that you check it once a week and visually measure it once a day before driving. You can prepare a portable pressure test on your car. Device.

2. Make sure that the air pressure is normal before high-speed driving. Generally, the tire pressure should be increased by 10% at high speeds to reduce the heat generated by flexion and improve safety.

3. Understand the maximum pressure value of the tyre sidewall identification, verify the normal pressure value under the guidance of professionals, and ensure that the tire performs its best performance during driving.

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