January 24, 2022

Instrument needle valve

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Main parts materials
Materials for main parts

Part Name
Part name
Valve body, valve cover
Valve stem, valve
J24W-160P-DN3 Chrome-nickel stainless steel
Cr.Ni Stainless steel

stainless steel
Stainliess steel

PTFE, Flexible Graphite
PTEF, Soft graphite
J24W-320P-DN6 High-quality carbon steel
High grade carbon steel
Chrome-nickel stainless steel
Cr.Ni Stainliss steel
PTFE, Flexible Graphite
PTEF, Soft graphite

Major performance specifications
Chief property and specifieation

Nominal pressure
Nominal pressure
Test pressure PS (MPa) Test pressure Working pressure (MPa)
Working pressure
Working temperature (°C)
Working temperature
Suitable medium
Applicable mediun
Shell Shell Seal (liquid) Seal Seal Seal
J24W-160P-DN3 16.0 24.0 17.6 0.6 16.0 P≤200°C Liquefied petroleum gas water, oil, etc. Petrooleun gas Water, Oil etc.
J24W-320P-DN6 32.0 48.0 35.2 0.6 32.0 C≤425°C

Main shape and connection size (MM)
Main external and connecting dimensions(mm)

Needle valve structure diagram
(Figure 1: Structure diagram)

Model Type Nominal diameter DN (mm)
Nominal dameter
Dimensions Weight (Kg) Weight
L1 Do D2 H H1 D1
J24W-160P-DN3 3 80 65 159 170 14 3 1.0
J24W-320P-DN6 6 80 65 159 170 14 6 1.0

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