June 22, 2021

Early indica rice purchase prices opened higher

In recent days, the acquisition of early glutinous rice in Hunan Province has begun to open scales, and the purchase price has opened up. The reporter learned from the Hunan Branch of the Agricultural Development Bank that the bank is striving to achieve "money and other food." This year, it plans to invest more than 8 billion yuan in early-season rice purchase loans, which is 20% more than last year. It can support the acquisition of early rice by enterprises and account for the total amount of social purchases. More than 60%.

According to a survey by the reporter, at present, the scattered purchase price in the main producing areas of northern Hunan is about 110 yuan per 50 kilograms, which is about 14 yuan more than last year. According to the analysis of the agricultural sector, the sales area in Xiangnan or the balance of production and sales may also be higher than this price. However, supported by the inflation management policy and the grain yield situation, food prices do not have the basis for a substantial increase.

Hu Shicai, deputy governor of Hunan Agricultural Development Bank Branch, introduced that the bank will rationally and effectively support enterprises to collect more grain, collect good grain, and prevent risks, so as to ensure a smooth and orderly purchase market.

Up to now, the province has confirmed the qualifications of 255 enterprises for grain purchase loans, basically ensuring that there are at least one or more enterprises with grain purchase loan qualifications in each county, and there has been no acquisition of blank counties. It is reported that enterprises that have obtained the qualifications for agricultural grain purchase loans must issue a written commitment to the bank for "rational purchases, not to sell white grain to farmers."

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