June 22, 2021

Huadian Yuheng Aromatic Hydrocarbon Demonstration Project Commences

On the 27th, Huadian Power’s demonstration project for horizontal aromatics production was held in Yulin, Shaanxi. With a total investment of about 38.1 billion yuan, the project uses Tsinghua University's first-in-class fluidized bed methanol to aromatics technology with independent intellectual property rights, and plans to build a one million ton coal-to-methanol to aromatics plant. It is the world's first coal to aromatics industrialization project. This year, it will first invest 100 million yuan to carry out a 10,000-ton industrial pilot project.

Hospital & Clinical waste disposal equipment

Clinical waste is the term used to describe waste produced from healthcare and similar activities that may pose a risk of infection, for example, swabs, bandages, dressings etc. or may prove hazardous, for example medicines. The most commonly used definition can be found in the Controlled Waste Regulations 1992 .

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