June 22, 2021

World's Largest Tidal Power Project Opens in Scotland

World's Largest Tidal Power Project Opens in Scotland The world’s first large-scale tidal power station will be built in Islay and Gila islands in Scotland. Upon completion, it will provide household electricity for 10,000 households.

The tidal project has a budget of 40 million pounds and a power generation capacity of 10 megawatts, which is more than twice the amount of electricity needed by residents in the area. The project turbine generator will be installed on the sea floor of the Islay Islands. The strait is about one kilometer long and is the region with the greatest intensity and stability of tidal currents in Scotland. Ocean currents are as high as 11 km/h.

A spokesman for Renewable Electric Company of Scotland said that the Isles strait is like a chimney and that the tidal current is strong and predictable.

Scottish Finance Minister John? John Swinney said: "Scotland has a quarter of Europe's tidal energy and one-tenth of the wave resources, so it has unmatched capabilities in producing clean energy, creating green jobs and raising low-carbon investment. The advantages of the construction of the world's largest tidal project will become a milestone in the history of tidal energy development."

Islay Energy Trust Chairman Philip? Philip Maxwell said residents of Islay welcomed the project because local residents felt that the projects belonged to themselves.

Like onshore wind farm projects, tidal development also requires local payments. The Guardian stated that the Islay Energy Trust will receive a portion of the revenue from the Chaoshan project and that Scottish Renewable Energy Power will also provide it with partial financial support. In addition, the project will also cooperate with local contractors, which is conducive to the development of the local economy. The first subsea turbine of the project is scheduled to be installed in 2013 and the entire project will begin operation in 2015.

The funds obtained by Islay Energy Trust will be used to invest in other local green energy projects such as solar panels, wind turbines and future offshore wind power, marine power or electric vehicles.

Scottish Renewable Energy Power Company has signed an agreement with Diageo, a renowned British wine group, to use tidal power to supply all of the eight whisky distillery and malt manufacturing plants on Islay.

Scottish Chief Minister Alex? Alex Salmond stated that the marine energy of Islay will build Scotland into “Saudi Arabia in the field of offshore renewable energy”.

Some environmentalists pointed out that Simon's efforts to promote offshore energy development is to hope to bypass political means and solve greenhouse gas emissions problems through other means.


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