April 02, 2020

20 auto parts companies settled in Dadong District, Shenyang, to start construction next year

On the morning of December 5, Shenyang City held the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement for the 2011 Auto Parts Industry Park Project in Shenyang Auto City. 20 companies will be located in Shenyang Automobile City Auto Parts Industry Park.

A total of 20 key component companies signed a cooperation agreement with the Dadong District Government. A total of more than 50 companies made special arrangements to participate in this meeting. The total investment of the 20 contracted companies will reach 4 billion yuan, and the total land area will be 1.2 million square meters. Construction will start in 2012 and will be fully operational in 2013. The average investment intensity reached 3500 yuan per square meter. In 2015, the Dadong District auto parts company will break 200.

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