October 22, 2021

Breaking the monopoly of domestic carbon brakes comes alive

Before 2003, the Chinese civil aviation carbon brake market was completely controlled by a handful of foreign companies. As it is listed in the list of suppliers of aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus, it has formed a high monopoly on the entire market. At the time, the price of each Boeing 757-200 model carbon brake disc was as high as RMB 430,000. Those familiar with the aviation industry know that brake discs are different from ordinary aircraft parts. Each landing of an aircraft is accompanied by the wear of brake discs. The service life of a brake disc is only about 2,000. "It belongs to the consumption equipment, it can be said that in China, the aircraft is changing brakes every day." Zhang Hongying said.

The high prices and frequent replacement requirements have virtually increased the operating costs of airlines. Some domestic airline sources told the author that because there are no more choices, airlines can only be “dumb and eating Coptis and are unable to speak.” However, this all ended with the approval of the replacement project for the domestic carbon brakes of the Boeing 757-200 aircraft.

In order to break the monopoly of foreign countries, domestic manufacturers began to submit applications for replacement of domestic carbon brake discs from the end of the 1990s. On November 26, 2003, the Airworthiness Certification Department of the Civil Aviation Administration issued the first domestic approval certificate to Hunan Boyun New Material Co., Ltd. Subsequently, a number of domestic manufacturers of carbon brake disc replacement project was approved. At present, domestic manufacturers have delivered nearly 1,800 sets of carbon brake discs, involving Boeing 757-200, McDonnell Douglas 90, and Airbus A320 series models. These domestic companies based on local charcoal brake discs have achieved the same level of safety as imported carbon brake discs.

The approval and use of domestic carbon brake discs not only promoted the development of domestic manufacturing companies, but also broke the monopoly of foreign suppliers on the market and brought huge economic benefits to domestic airlines. It is reported that compared to the expensive imported carbon brake discs, the price of domestic carbon brake discs is 30% to 40% cheaper. Moreover, after the domestic carbon brake discs were put into the market, the average price of international charcoal brakes fell from more than 400,000 yuan to more than 200,000 yuan, which saved the airlines considerable costs.

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