October 22, 2021

Shaanxi Fast Group promotes "green growth" by promoting energy-saving products

Shaanxi Fast Group Co., Ltd. , which has long been committed to energy-saving products for heavy-duty automotive transmissions , faces the new requirements for industrial green, low-carbon, clean and safe development, and gives full play to comprehensive competitive advantages such as equipment manufacturing, technology management and brand services, and comprehensively seizes multi-line attacks. The commanding point of energy saving has helped enterprises continue to achieve “green growth” and has emerged a new path of steady scientific and healthy development. The various production and business indicators ranked first in the Chinese gear industry for ten consecutive years.

Fast Group always adheres to green and low-carbon development, which makes its products increasingly prominent in terms of fuel economy, consumption reduction, low carbon, and environmental protection. Independently developed 12-speed, 16-speed and some new all-aluminum housing transmission new products, compared with the traditional cast iron housing, reduce the weight of more than 100 kilograms, to provide the latest optimization of the vehicle to achieve lightweight and energy-saving improvements , Has become the main push product of domestic high-end heavy trucks. At present, Fast Group has become the only company in the powertrain industry in China that has won the “Efficiency Saving Award” and “The Most Fuel-efficient Transmission Award” for four consecutive years. It has also been identified as the first batch of “national-level resource-saving and environment-friendly” companies. "Friendly" companies create pilot units.

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