October 22, 2021

Jiateng JT-3025Z projector like the latest offer

Jiateng JT-3025Z is just like the projector in the following three regions offer different quotes, quoted at 25200-29000 yuan in Jiangsu, quoted at 25200-27000 yuan in Zhejiang, quoted at 25500-28500 in Guangdong.

The instrument's optical system is of high quality, with clear objective lens imaging and accurate magnification. In transmission light illumination, the contour measurement error is less than 0.08%; the coordinate measurement indication error is up to (3+L/200)μm, L is the measured length (unit: mm); the projector is equipped with a dedicated micro printer and foot switch, Data output and sampling are very convenient. The workpiece image can be either full or inverted.

The Z-axis of the projector is lifted by rails, which improves the stability and durability of the camera body. The projector is clearly imaged and the magnification is accurate. It is widely used in machinery, instrumentation, electronics, light industry and other industries; institutions, research institutes and metrological verification departments. The instrument can efficiently detect the contour size and surface shape of various shapes and complex workpieces such as templates, stampings, cams, threads, gears, and forming cutters.

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