April 02, 2020

Anhui Province Economic Development Zone to build a drainage pump station to solve the problem of surrounding internal warts

In the past, during the period of heavy rainfall in summer, the depressions along the Penglai Road in the Economic Development Zone often became a vast ocean, and large areas of land could not be used normally. A few days ago, the Penglai Road Paiyang Pumping Station, which was built with 23 million yuan in investment in the Economic Development Zone, passed the inspection and acceptance, and this low-lying land is no longer subject to guilt.

Yesterday morning, under the leadership of the Penglai Road Pumping Station staff, the reporter saw a large grab at the top of the intake of the pumping station. The staff explained that the rainwater input from the water inlet "may be mixed with debris such as straw, this grab is to clean up these debris." In the duty station of the pumping station, there is a network system that realizes real-time monitoring and network operation of the entire pump station. Next to the duty room are four large pumps. "These pumps are imported from Germany." According to the design standards, once these pumps are operating normally, “8 m3 of water can be extracted per second, which is equivalent to at least a half-monthly water consumption for a family of three, and the long-term standard is 13.5 m3/s”.

The staff member said: "Before the heavy rain, the nearby stagnant water was a meter or two deep, and large areas of land were not used normally." After completion of the Penglai Road Pumping Station, rainwater from the surrounding areas can be sent directly to the Pai River system through the drainage station to completely solve the problem of internal pollution in the surrounding areas.

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