April 02, 2020

Coal mining mechanization reaches more than 75% domestic coal machinery industry market competition

Yesterday, it was learned from the China Coal Industry Association that the “Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for the coal industry” has basically been determined, which requires the mechanization of coal mining to reach more than 75%. Analysts pointed out that the domestic coal-fired machine industry will share 100 billion "cakes." At the same time, however, the intense competition in the market and the competition among foreign giants for the coal market in China will also cause domestic companies to face enormous challenges.

According to Zou Defang, a senior analyst of “cake” super-100 billion machinery industry, according to the coal mine mechanization target of more than 75% determined by the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” of the coal industry, the market demand for coal machinery industry is expected to reach 100 billion to 150 billion yuan. The scale.

The outlook for the coal machinery industry is equally promising. During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, the average annual growth rate of coal-fired equipment is about 20%. It is estimated that by 2015, the industry-wide demand will exceed 140 billion yuan. The industry demand mainly comes from the need for updating and maintenance, the increase in mechanization rate, and the increase in new coal production capacity. The equipment needs are threefold. Among the coal-fired equipment, the fully-mechanized coal mining equipment with "three machines and one frame" (coal shearer, boring machine, scraper, hydraulic support) as the core accounted for about 82% of the total, and thus benefited the most.

In the eyes of professionals, the industry's development potential does not stop there. An expert from the China National Machinery Industry Federation said that the goal of coal mechanization rate put forward in 2009 was only 60%. Before the “12th Five-Year Development Plan for the coal industry” was finalized, the China Coal Industry Association had submitted a The Guidance Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Large Modern Coal Mines (Draft for Review). Among them, in the “Development Goal” section, the mechanization of coal mining reached an average of 95% or more, and the mechanized degree of comprehensive mining reached more than 70%. Therefore, the expert believes that the 75% target proposed this time is still a conservative figure, and the expected value and actual development space of the industry may be even higher.

According to the data provided by the China Coal Industry Association, in 2010, there were five coal mining machinery, equipment and accessories manufacturing enterprises among the top 100 coal enterprises in China, namely Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group, Sanyi Heavy Equipment Company, Pingdingshan Coal Mining Machinery Company, and Shandong Tianzhu. Coal Mine Equipment Company and Shandong Mining Machinery Group Corporation.

Among the top 100 companies, 41 listed companies were listed, of which the highest liquidity ratios included Zheng Coal Machinery and Shandong Mining Machinery. It shows that the current financial status of listed coal machinery companies is generally good and short-term solvency is better.

The expert stated to this newspaper that since Shanxi took the lead in reorganizing coal resources in 2008, Shaanxi, Henan and Inner Mongolia have successively followed the example of Shanxi to carry out reforms. In addition, the government’s requirements for coal mine safety and production efficiency have been continuously rising, both for coal machinery. Equipment requirements bring support.

The foreign giants are scornful. However, the policy-determined cake is not exclusive to domestic companies. Foreign giants have already fallen into the coal market. Their goal is to have excess profits in the high-end market.

On November 10th, Caterpillar, the world’s largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, announced that it will purchase coal miners at a price of no more than HK$6.89 billion. A source from the strategic development department of Caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd. told the newspaper that Caterpillar's above mergers and acquisitions are only the focus of deepening the beginning of the Chinese market, the company will have more and more in the Chinese mining equipment market in the future. action.

Zou Defang pointed out that domestic coal-fired machine products still have a large gap with foreign giants both in terms of quantity and quality, but the latter’s goal is even higher-end products such as roadheaders.

A large-scale coal central government executive told the newspaper that China's coal machinery equipment manufacturing industry was developed during the planned economy period. The technology and technology were dispersed and single. Usually, the leading product of a factory is only one type, and there is no technology research and development center. Therefore, despite the existence of a number of powerful coal-fired machine manufacturers in China, several large-scale coal groups also have a coal-machine manufacturing sector. However, in the traditional coal-fired machineries with low technological content, the market competition has become increasingly fierce.

It is understood that at present, domestic coal mining equipment such as hydraulic supports and coal mining machines account for about 75% of the market share of coal mining equipment, of which only hydraulic supports occupy 50% of the market. The roadheader has only 7% of the market.

Therefore, Zou Defang said that Caterpillar and other foreign giants will not compete with Chinese companies through price cuts and other seemingly large-scale low-end market, "Their goals must be high-end products, and there is also the highest profit of a piece of cake ."

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