January 28, 2022

Crushed mining plant equipment configuration (5)

With the screen and oversize crusher jaw crusher plant configuration, as shown below, the program: (1) 600*900 jaw crusher , install 10t manual single beam crane 5, for plate feeder 2 and its transmission device is easy to repair, and its first wheel extends into the crane for a sufficient distance. The location of the maintenance site is convenient to communicate with the outside. The area of ​​the maintenance site meets the requirements. If a large jaw crusher or two of this specification should be used Electric bridge cranes are suitable.


(2) When the mining site contains oversized blocks, use a screen and a secondary crushing of the large ore with a pneumatic breaker. If it is guaranteed to allow the ore size, the breaker may not be installed. (3) The mineral powder leaked from the plate type mining machine is taken up by a 5050 tape conveyor and introduced into the coarse crushing ore collecting tape 8 . If the belt conveyor 8 is rotated 90° and the center line of the plate feeder 2 is in the same vertical plane, and the plate feeder is leaked into the DC inlet 8, the 5050 belt conveyor 4 can be removed. The plate feeder can be installed obliquely to reduce the loss of height difference. The Jaw Crusher with this specification abroad uses 800*2500 tank type feeder to feed the mine.


Seven screening plant and equipment configuration screening plant beneficiation plant equipment configuration depends on the size, number of screens, with or without assignment ore bin and other factors. When the sieve is only 1~2 sets, there is no need to set up the distribution bin, and the ore can be fed directly by the belt conveyor or through the second-flow distribution funnel (2 sieves). When there are more than 2 sieves, it is necessary to have a distribution bin. Most of the sieves are arranged in a single row, which simplifies the material conveying system on the screen and under the screen. Some large-scale concentrating plants use a multi-column configuration because of the large number of medium and fine crushing equipment. The closed-circuit sieve also adopts a double-column configuration, which is actually a juxtaposition of two single-column configurations. Two parallel belt conveyors transport the finely divided ore to the screening plant, and the respective series of mobile unloading trolleys distribute the distribution of the mine silo to the sieve through the ore feeder. The sieved material is transported by the belt conveyor to the fine crusher. The material under the screen is transported by the belt conveyor to the grinding chamber of the main plant. The dual column configuration is the same as the basic form of the single column configuration described above. Two examples are listed below. One example is only two sieves. The crushing and mining plant is an independent closed-circuit screening plant. The belt conveyor directly transports the materials to the sieve. As shown in the above figure, (1) the feeding of the sieve 4 is adopted. The return guide funnel is turned back to make full use of the screen area. (2) The sieve and the undersize materials are discharged onto the respective belt conveyors 2 and 3 of -3.50 m through respective guiding hoppers. The belt conveyor 3 can also be placed on the floor of 0.00m, which can shorten the length of the funnel under the screen, and facilitate the operation and adjustment of the tail of the belt conveyor 3, and does not affect the transportation of the material under the screen to the grinding chamber of the main plant. (3) The mounting holes are left in each platform, and the crane rail is placed above the center line of the mounting hole. 1 is the infeed belt conveyor, 5 is the weighing scale.
In another example, a plurality of sieves are arranged in a single row as shown in the following figure, and the materials are transported by the belt conveyor 6 to the screening plant, and the materials are distributed in the distribution bin through the belt conveyor 1 and the unloading trolley 2, and then the belt feeding is carried out. The machine 3 feeds the sieve 4; most of the fuselage and its transmission device are in the 5m span, the lighting is good, the operation and maintenance are convenient, and if the span is increased to 6m, it is more advantageous, which increases the operation area, and It meets the requirements of building modulus; the material on the screen is returned to the fine crush by the belt conveyor 5, and the material conveyor belts 7 and 8 under the screen are transported out of the main workshop. The dust chamber 10 is located at one end of the 9.00m platform in the factory.
Papua New Guinea large copper ore concentrator with a dual row configuration screening plant, approximately two separate parallel configuration. The two rows of distribution bins are close together, the screen is inclined outward, and the materials are transported to the screening plant by two juxtaposed belt conveyors, and the distribution bins are distributed to the distribution bins. The discharge of the mine silo is fed to the sieve by the belt feeder, and the material under the sieve is sent to the main workshop by the respective belt conveyor. The materials on the sieve are juxtaposed by the respective belt conveyors, and the fine crushing is also arranged in a double row. [next]

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