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Fengyang Folk House Explosion in Anhui Continued: Or Explosives ignited due to sparks on wires

Fengyang Folk House Explosion in Anhui continued: Or diesel generator due to wire spark ignition | Diesel Generator Price / 2012-08-06

Anhui Fengyang Explosion Explosion Causes 3 Dead and 4 Injuries
Young father draws drowned nine-month-old daughter from the rubble
If not a friend calls, Chen Yingjie will not go out and has been buried in the house. Chen Yingjie, who had recovered his life, immediately moved bricks with his neighbors and then dug his father, wife, sister-in-law, and only 9-month-old daughter. When the four were rescued, all three adults returned. There was a breath, but the daughter of Chen Yingjie was really too young to live in the mourning of his father who was full of blood.
This explosion caused three deaths and four injuries. Yesterday afternoon, Jinling Evening News reporter arrived at the scene to understand the cause and effect of this accident.
The house around the blast center has collapsed
At the moment of the explosion, many villagers did not know what had happened. The 50-year-old Chen Zhongshi was 40 meters away from the center of the explosion. His ear buzzed for a while while he worked through the quarrying industry and he reacted to the explosion of the explosive. He discovered that the site of the explosion was the villager Chen Yizhong’s home. He immediately greeted nearby villagers to dig out Chen Yizhong and Chen Yizhong’s wife from the wreckage. At the same time, Chen Yijie’s family’s home near Chen Yizhong’s home was dug out. people. Chen Yingjie’s mother had survived the explosion because she chose dishes at the door, but there were some bruises on her arms. In addition to these seven people, no other villagers were injured in Lingquan Village.
Chen Zhong-ti told the reporter that fortunately, the explosion occurred around 4 pm, and most of the villagers were working outdoors. If two hours later, when it was time to eat, then there would be more deaths and injuries. Similarly, 49-year-old Wang Guangxia, who is also a neighbor of Chen Yizhong, tearfully told reporters that she was pouring vegetables on her field when the explosion occurred. Although her family had no casualties, she had built up to 12 new houses upstairs and downstairs for less than two years. All of them collapsed and they could not find the twenty thousand yuan that they had left at home.
According to statistics, 23 houses were destroyed and damaged due to the explosion. Many villagers had no place to sleep on the night of the collapse of their houses. Although some villagers had not lost their houses, they were obviously damaged. They also had to spend the night outdoors because they were afraid of the collapse of the house.
In the position where Chen Yizhong’s family was located, the reporter saw that all the four houses in his house were blown up, and a large pit with a diameter of five meters and a depth of two meters was formed on the ground. The explosive lead was still left next to the big pit. According to the villagers’ introduction , More leads have been taken away by the fire department and there are several baskets. All the houses around the explosion center collapsed. The glass of the house 50 meters away from the explosion center was completely shattered.
The cause of the explosion may be the aging of the wire
Chen Yizhong's family piled up a house to explode explosives. Why did the villagers not be aware of this? The villagers told the reporter that Chen Yizhong himself was not engaged in the mountain quarrying industry. The dynamite was said to be a relative of Chen Yizhong temporarily deposited in his home. As for the identity of Chen Yizhong’s relatives, the villagers did not understand it.
Regarding the cause of the explosion, the Chen’s body of the electrician told reporters that according to his analysis, it was probably because the electric wires in the village caused the use of electricity in summer to spark sparks and ignite the explosives.
A wounded knee is deeply visible
Jinling Evening News reporter rushed to the Liberation Army 123 Hospital. Zhang Min (Chen Yingjie's wife), who was injured in the explosion, was immersed in grief. She was lying on the bed. She was injured in the knee during the explosion. Her bones were visible and her face was bruised. Different from the physical pain, it was her 9-month-old child and her 15-year-old brother who both suffered from the explosion.
The reporter learned from the hospital that Zhang Min’s injury is stable and his life is not at risk. Zhang’s grandfather Chen Zongcai is still observed in the intensive care unit.
Chen Yizhong, who is the focus of this unexpected accident, has now been controlled by the public security department. He has not given a clear account of the source of the explosive. His wife Xing Mou was very close to the center of the explosion, and the explosive force blasted it from the house. Outside the house, died on the spot.
After the incident, Jiangshan Municipal Party Committee Secretary Jiangshan rushed to the scene the first time, the relevant department heads quickly came to the scene to deal with the aftermath.
At 3:45 pm on August 4th, in Lingquan Village, Wudian Town, Fengyang County, Anhui Province, Chen Yingjie, a 21-year-old villager who had just fathered her for less than a year, received a call from his friend. He was still in bed before he got up. Riding a motorcycle to work in town. Did not expect the other party is not, Chen Yingjie had to return to the village. The motorcycle just turned around, Chen Yingjie heard a loud noise from the direction of his village, the sound is like the kind of blasting sound of the mountain.
Chen Yingjie returned to the village and saw that all four houses had collapsed. His mother rubbed his armpits and shouted at him: "Your wife and daughter are under the brick wall!"
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