April 02, 2020

Driving in fog, have you noticed it?

Driving in fog, have you noticed it? In the past few days, the fog has brought a lot of inconvenience to people's travel. Because of the short distance visible in fog, in the north, when the temperature is very low, the road may have frosted imagination, which undoubtedly makes it harder to drive in fog. Therefore, be careful when driving in misty traffic.

Before going out, you need to check the safety technology of the vehicle, especially the brakes, lights, wipers, etc. The window glass must be kept clean, the fog and humidity are high, and the water vapor condenses easily. This will worsen the already poor implementation.

When driving in fog, avoid driving fast cars and keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. It is recommended that when the visibility is less than 500 meters and greater than 200 meters, the speed shall not exceed 80 kilometers per hour; when the visibility is less than 200 meters and greater than 100 meters, the speed shall not exceed 60 kilometers per hour; when the visibility is less than 100 meters and greater than 50 meters, the speed shall not exceed 40 kilometers per hour; the visibility shall be 30 In meters, the speed should be controlled below 20 kilometers; when the line of sight is about 10 meters, the speed should be controlled below 5 kilometers.

In the process of driving, do not slam on or loose the throttle, let alone make an emergency brake and hurry to hit the steering wheel. If you find that the rear car is too close to you, you can click on the brakes a few times, but you can't really brake, just let the brake lights light up to remind the rear car to pay attention to maintain proper distance. If you think that you really need to reduce the speed, slowly relax the throttle, and then lightly step on the brake several times in a row to achieve the purpose of controlling the speed, to prevent rear-end accidents.

In order to cope with the problem of poor visibility in fog days, the car should be properly turned on the hazard warning light, that is, "double flash", the use of lights to improve visibility. Fog conditions also divide how much fog, if the fog is not very large, visibility will not affect the road in accordance with the provisions of the speed of the road, then you do not have to open the "double flash"; but if it is a fog, visibility is very low Under certain circumstances, "double flash" must be turned on. On the highway, in the event of fog, rain, snow, dust, hail, etc., “double flash” is used when the visibility is less than 100 meters; “dual flash” is used when there is a fault or traffic accident on the road; When the vehicle is moving, both the towing vehicle and the towed vehicle should turn on the hazard warning flash light; when the vehicle is temporarily parked on the road, it must turn on “double flash”.

In addition, scientific defogging methods are also important. Before the windshield is defrosted, people usually use hot air to remove fog. In fact, the correct approach should be to use cold air to blow against the front windshield to reduce the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the glass and achieve the effect of defogging faster. The defrosting of the window glass is also a technique of using the air outlets on both sides, and it can be adjusted to the air supply to both sides of the window. The same is the use of cold air. After the rear window is defrosted, the vehicle's rear window defogging heater can be used.

When driving in fog, the most important thing is to be cautious. When you find something is wrong, you mustn’t panic and respond calmly.

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