April 02, 2020

Heat Pump Growth in Accelerated or Doubled Growth in Emerging Markets

Summary of contents: It has always been known that coastal developed cities are commercial air-energy heat pumps in the Red Sea area, and some excellent distributors are naturally concentrating on these areas. The relevant industry experts analyzed that if Chaoyang's heat pump industry recognizes the development situation and promotes it properly, it can fully double its annual growth rate. It will not be like the current situation in which some commercial heat pump manufacturers are still in confusion.

Commercial heat pumps are not commercial air conditioners, and there is no substitute for air conditioners. However, if heat pumps are used solely to make hot water, there are several alternatives. According to the survey, it is impossible to replace the air conditioner with an electric fan in a business hotel, but the hot water supply can be burned with a diesel boiler or an electric boiler. This determines that the promotion of commercial heat pumps is much rarer than that of air conditioners. many. Because of the difficulty, the general distributors are unable to do it, so manufacturers need to find a way of their own.

In addition, commercial air source heat pump development is not expected to be ideal, and is largely constrained by the immaturity of vendor cooperation and marketing. According to the Cooling Express reporter, for durable industrial consumer products, in the development process, there are generally four levels of competition: First, brand competition; second, technology competition; third, price competition; and fourth, service competition.

The profit of the commercial heat pump market is very rich. Several dealers once admitted to the author that if he wants to earn 100,000 yuan a year, he only needs to do a 50-ton hot water project, as long as the relationship is in place, more than 10,000 yuan. The cost of tons of hot water is not impossible. However, if they only use the machine, 150L, ​​for example, will have to sell more than 150 units a year, but it also needs to set aside some funds for after-sales service. For a business machine dealer who is accustomed to making quick money, doing a home heat pump is simply a financial burden. However, the sharp decline in the commercial heat pump market in developed coastal cities has led to increasingly thin profits for dealers.

To this end, some prophetic distributors have extended the commercial machine front to inland cities such as Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi, Hubei, Henan, and Anhui. “In the past, our largest shipments were in Fujian and Guangdong. After entering 2011, the orders of distributors in Hunan and Hubei exceeded the first two regions. This is a very strange phenomenon. For this reason, the company also Increased support for distributors in the emerging commercial heat pump market, after all, this is the bright spot of the market growth.” A business person based in Guangzhou, which produces commercial heat pumps, told the author.

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