October 22, 2021

How to select the forklift

In general, the superior performance of a better forklift is often reflected in many factors such as high efficiency, low cost, high reliability, good ergonomic design, and convenient service. Key parameters: load capacity; engine brand model electronic control brand model. So how do you choose the right forklift? Xiao Bian provides suggestions for selecting forklifts.


1, the choice of forklift type

How to use forklifts for indoor and outdoor users? In indoor operations (including warehouses, workshops, etc.), in order to reduce air pollution and noise, it is generally preferable to purchase battery forklifts. In outdoor operations, especially when the road to the site is not very flat, the use of an internal combustion forklift is preferable. The use of diesel forklifts in three kinds of internal-combustion forklifts is common. If there are no special requirements, diesel forklifts are generally used. A small number of users in the North considered the characteristics of low winter temperatures and difficulty in starting the engine. The gasoline forklift was selected to facilitate the engine startup. However, with the use of direct-injection diesel engines in forklifts, the problem of engine start-up in winter was solved. Therefore, the gasoline forklift was The sales volume of the domestic forklift market will be less and less. In addition, with the country's restrictions on passenger gas pollution, environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher, and the use of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) forklifts as outdoor users is also increasing, and will become a development trend.

2, the choice of transmission mode

Among the three kinds of transmission methods of internal combustion forklifts, the most widely used domestic users are mechanical transmission forklifts and hydraulic transmission forklifts. The static pressure transmission forklifts are expensive due to their high prices, high requirements for use and maintenance, difficulties in troubleshooting, and high maintenance costs. Do not use. Usually, the mechanical transmission forklift can meet the requirements for use when the work is not continuous and the daily working time is not long (within 5 hours). For continuous work, frequent work, heavy load, and two shifts, three shifts, in order to improve work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of forklift drivers, hydraulic transmission trucks are generally better. With the improvement of the reliability of hydraulic transmission forklift trucks, the use of hydraulic forklift trucks will increase due to the advantages of variable speed, easy operation, and high work efficiency.

3, the choice of forklift power

At present, some of the major domestic forklift companies, in order to meet the different needs of customers, are equipped with a variety of domestic and imported engines for the user to choose on each type of internal combustion forklift, these engines are not only domestic and imported, but also the size of the engine power s difference. For the general user can choose the domestic engine configuration of the forklift, its price is relatively cheap, more convenient maintenance services. For heavy-duty users and longer working hours, imported engines may be used to reduce the failure rate and increase their reliability. For users with particularly heavy working conditions and particularly bad working conditions, it is recommended to use high-power imported engines.

4, the choice of battery forklift

How to choose a forklift (battery forklift)? The battery forklift is mainly used for indoor operations, and is generally used for balancing heavy-duty battery forklifts, including three pivot points and four pivot points. For users with narrow passages, stacking and scooping goods above the shelves or users who need to enter the elevator to work on the floor may use forward-moving battery forklifts or battery tray stackers.

5、Forklift truck lifting quality and lifting height choice

The rated lifting mass of each forklift is the cargo that can be lifted when the center of gravity of the forklift is within the center distance of the standard load of the forklift, the fork truck mast is vertical, and the lifting height is the standard lifting height of the forklift (the standard lifting height in China is specified as 3000 mm). quality. Therefore, when the user selects the tonnage of the forklift, the center of gravity of the loaded and unloaded cargo should be compared with the size of the standard load center of the forklift. If the center of gravity of the cargo is equal to or less than the center distance of the standard load of the forklift, the rated lifting weight of the forklift is equal to or greater than that of the forklift. Quality can be. If the center of gravity of the cargo is greater than the standard load center distance of the forklift, the tonnage of the forklift should be determined based on the forklift load curve provided by the forklift sample.

Still have to choose forklifts based on their own economic conditions and work needs.

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