October 22, 2021

Pesticide Residue Checker Ensures Public Use of "Reliable Dishes"

In the past, the problem of pesticide residues made consumers miserable, and the regulatory authorities also shouldered a lot of pressure. From June to September each year, it was a high incidence of vegetable poisoning. Therefore, in this period, relevant departments and enterprises must use pesticides. Resident detectors such as rapid detection equipment to ensure that the public eat "safe".
Whether pesticide residue in vegetables exceeds the standard is the most concern for the public when buying agricultural products. It used to take a long time to measure in the laboratory. Now it takes only a few minutes to measure the results using the pesticide residue detector, which greatly facilitates the site Testing and law enforcement work. Taking the detection of garland chrysanthemum and other vegetables as an example, the staff will cut the leaves and stems into the test cup, and then inject a suitable amount of pure water. After soaking for 2 to 3 minutes, the inspectors used a pipette to soak the sap of Artemisia selengensis on the speedometer paper of the Pesticide Residue Tester. The speed of the paper would change due to the reaction, and the detection could be confirmed by comparison. Whether the pesticides in the vegetables exceed the standard, so that the inspection of pesticide residues in the wormwood can be easily completed.
The Pesticide Residue Tester is a magic instrument for many people, because it can make vegetables that contain pesticide residues such as organic phosphorus and amino acid formate in the shortest time possible, and it can be used by the public. Said pesticide residue detector is more like a barrier to protect the safety of vegetables, its application, to further ensure the safety of people eating vegetables. With the increasing awareness of food safety, pesticide residue detectors have been widely used in agriculture, environmental protection, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, canteens, and other units, providing important guidance and basis for daily inspections to protect fruits and vegetables. The circulation of the market is safe, so the pesticide residue detector has been unanimously welcomed by people from all walks of life such as industry personnel and citizens.

Sealing Tools And Opening Tools Accessories

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