January 21, 2022

The unique charm of three new heavy truck bridges

On January 9, 2016, SAIC Iveco Hongyan Axle released three new axles derived from the Italian Fiat Power (FPT) technology. The following Xiaobian briefly shares with you these three European-quality heavy trucks. What is the unique charm of the axle?

Shang Yihong listed three new heavy trucks
Shang Yihong listed three new heavy trucks

According to reports, SAIC Iveco Hongyan Axle Co., Ltd. was a modern enterprise integrating R&D, testing, and manufacturing with the introduction of FPT bridge technology in March 2013 and an investment of RMB 700 million. The company was completed and put into production in April 2015. , With 560 sets of information and flexible equipment and 9 automatic assembly lines, an annual production capacity of 300,000 bridges has been formed; the entire range of products covers heavy-duty trucks, buses, special vehicles, construction machinery and new products. The full range of drive and non-drive axles required for energy vehicles is the product of Europe's leading and industry-leading commercial vehicle axle manufacturing base.

The three newly-listed axles are the HY320 double-stage reduction bridge, the HY469 single-stage reduction bridge and the HY9.5 steering front axle. The corresponding axle load bearing capacities are 16 tons, 13 tons, and 9.5 tons, respectively.

The HY320 double-speed reduction bridge has a speed ratio range of 3.792-8.127. It is mainly used in large-size traction and construction vehicles, and is strong and reliable. HY469 single-speed deceleration bridge speed ratio range of 2.7-6.167, the main application areas for high-speed tractors, standard dump trucks and other fields, applicable to highways, logistics and transport, light and efficient. The HY9.5 front axle is an upgraded version based on the 7.5 tons of front axle of Red Rock Steyr, mainly matched with heavy-duty dump trucks.

These three axles have good bearing characteristics, passability, reliability, and low dead weight, high torque and other characteristics, using lightweight design of ultra-strength steel, compared with the weight of ordinary domestic bridge products reduced by 50KG, the torque can reach 55000 Niu Mi, can better match high horsepower, high torque engine.

In addition, the series of axles have the outstanding features of low temperature and low noise of European axles. In normal operation, the temperature is lower than 80 degrees Celsius and the noise is lower than 82 decibels, making the vehicle safer and more comfortable.

This series of drive axles adopts a unique active lubrication technology in China. Active lubrication technology can effectively solve the problem of differential lubrication, prevent dry grinders from occurring due to lubrication problems, enhance product life, and reduce product failures. The cost.

Compared with the old models, the HY9.5 steering front axle has increased its ground clearance by 10% and increased the passability. At the same time, it adopts a totally sealed, maintenance-free design with higher reliability. The main pin is a sliding bearing and bears more than a needle roller bearing. Stronger.

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