November 30, 2021

Application of Plant Disease Rapid Diagnosis Instrument in "Plant Hospital"

I have only heard of "pet hospitals," "fish doctors," and "plant hospitals" may be the first time I heard about many people. In the “Plant Hospital”, the technicians use the plant disease rapid diagnosis instrument to diagnose the plants that need to be diagnosed. They can quickly know various viruses and bacteria of crops, help farmers to quickly and accurately determine the varieties of pesticides used, and then guide scientific plants. Disease prevention and control, in this way, not only has better control effect, but also saves cost, and can also avoid the impact of a large amount of pesticide spraying on crops and the environment, and has good economic and ecological benefits.

Plant disease rapid diagnosis instrument

In the current process of agricultural modernization, the frequent occurrence of plant diseases not only affects the effect of agricultural production, but also causes serious damage to the agricultural ecological environment due to the fact that farmers do not understand pests and diseases, and abuse and heavy use of pesticides are very serious. The phenomenon of excessive agricultural pesticide residue is widespread. In order to change this situation, many regions have launched agricultural service projects such as the "Plant Hospital," and the plant disease rapid diagnosis instrument is one of the most important detection instruments. Through timely diagnosis, it is not only standardized. The medication also provided health protection for the growth of agricultural crops.
In fact, it is not easy to grasp the technology for the non-speaking and variety of plants. Before the rapid diagnosis of plant diseases has occurred, it is often based on the rich practical experience of agricultural experts and professional agricultural knowledge to diagnose. Yes, it requires technical personnel to have a certain knowledge of pest classification, disease epidemiology, insect ecology, and green prevention and control knowledge. Therefore, lack of technical personnel has limited the development of plant disease diagnosis to a large extent, but now The rapid diagnosis instrument for plant diseases, combined with the agricultural technology service model of the “Plant Hospital,” many farmers’ friends have enjoyed the benefits brought about by science and technology, effectively solved the farmers’ problems in plant diseases and insect pests in major agricultural areas, and not only responded to pests and diseases. Provide technical support, and also played a very important role in the quality and safety of agricultural products, ecological and environmental protection.

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