December 01, 2021

Iveco China launches high-end three medium and heavy trucks debut

After many years of entering the Chinese market, Iveco intends to launch a high-end medium- and heavy-duty card market. To this end, Italy Iveco Group has established a wholly-owned enterprise Iveco (China) Commercial Vehicle Sales Co., Ltd. in China, and plans to launch a number of high-end medium- and heavy-duty cards.
Recently, Iveco (China) Commercial Vehicle Sales Co., Ltd. unveiled three high-end medium-heavy trucks, the Strais Hi-Way tractor, the new Trakker truck chassis, and the EuroCargo 4X4 chassis. In the future, the sole proprietorship will sell Iveco imported trucks in China. Wang Ning, general manager of Iveco (China) Commercial Vehicle Sales Co., Ltd., stated that Iveco will use its existing customer base and sales network to expand the high-end car market.
Iveco walks on two legs in China, a sole proprietorship sells imported cars, and a joint venture produces commercial vehicles with cost-effective advantages. Wang Ning said: "This year we expect our joint venture to sell nearly 8,000 vehicles. By 2016, our plan is to sell 50,000 vehicles and we will sell it outside of China."
Currently, Iveco is considering the use of its global sales network and after-sales service network to drive commercial vehicles produced in China into countries in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.
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